The Family category facebook ads cost in United Kingdom May 2021

The "Family" is a common category in Facebook advertising. According to ADCostly advertising cost data, "Family" has 1211170550 audience in Facebook. But many people often don't know Family Facebook ads cost benchmarks, which wastes a lot of money. The following is the Family category facebook ads cost in United Kingdom May 2021.

  • The Family category average CPC in United Kingdom May 2021 is $2.64
  • The Family category average CPM in United Kingdom May 2021 is $17.47
  • The Family category average CPA in United Kingdom May 2021 is $104.13
  • The Family category average CTR in United Kingdom May 2021 is 1.32%

However, some benchmarks can't help us reduce advertising budgets, and advertisers often need more detailed data(Such as Facebook interest list). In order to solve the problem of high advertising costs, ADCostly compiled the following Family Facebook ads cost report by category to help advertisers make better advertising budget. It is worth mentioning that AdTargeting is a Facebook interest targeting tool. Used together with ADCostly can help you make better ad marketing. If you need more professional information, please check facebook ads cost and Facebook cpm by category 2021.

The Family Category Average CPC in United Kingdom May 2021

Category Family
Average CPC benchmark $2.64 (benchmark)
Gender - Male 29.92% less than benchmark
Gender - Female 19.32% greater than benchmark
Age - 13-17 58.71% less than benchmark
Age - 18-24 7.2% greater than benchmark
Age - 25-34 32.95% greater than benchmark
Age - 35-44 3.41% greater than benchmark
Age - 45-54 22.35% less than benchmark
Age - 55-64 39.77% less than benchmark
Age - 65+ 52.27% less than benchmark

First of all, PPC advertising is a common way for the Family category advertising marketing. The Family category average CPC is $2.64 (benchmark). From the perspective of gender, the average CPC of Female is higher, and its cost is 19.32% greater than the average benchmark. The average CPC cost of Male will be cheaper.

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From the perspective of age, the average CPC cost in the "25-34" range is the highest, and the average CPC in the "18-24" age range ranks second. The two age groups with the lowest average CPC costs are 13-17 and 65+. In the age range, the older the age, the more cost is spent in advertising, because as the age increases, the number of people using the Internet decreases, and the advertising costs are higher.

# Placement Publisher CPC
1 instream_video facebook 39.77% greater than benchmark
2 search facebook 11.74% less than benchmark
3 facebook_stories facebook 17.8% less than benchmark
4 messenger_stories messenger 25% less than benchmark
5 feed instagram 29.17% less than benchmark

Among all Facebook advertising publishers, Facebook NewsFeed and Instagram are the most popular, but Audience Network and Messenger also have good advertising effects. The above CPC data shows that instream_video placement cost the most CPC, and the second place is the search placement. Facebook provides a total of 16 placements of advertising, and more data can be queried through ADCostly.

Family Category Average CPM in United Kingdom May 2021

Category Family
Average CPM benchmark $17.47 (benchmark)
Gender - Male 31.2% less than benchmark
Gender - Female 14.2% less than benchmark
Age - 13-17 53.35% less than benchmark
Age - 18-24 11.85% less than benchmark
Age - 25-34 1.43% greater than benchmark
Age - 35-44 11.39% greater than benchmark
Age - 45-54 3.32% greater than benchmark
Age - 55-64 4.81% less than benchmark
Age - 65+ 12.14% less than benchmark

The CPM advertising is charged by the number of impressions, so the cost of CPM advertising will generally be lower than CPC advertising, but the effect may not. 2021 May Family category average CPM is $17.47 (benchmark). Analyzing CPM data from the gender, the average CPM of Male is lower than Female. Female average CPM is 14.2% less than average benchmark.

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The average CPM cost trend about age is similar to the CPC trend. The average CPM cost in the "35-44" range is the highest, and the average CPM in the "45-54" age range ranks second. The two age groups with the lowest average CPM cost are "13-17" and "65+". Detailed average CPM data of age and gender can be queried by ADCostly.

# Placement Publisher CPM
1 rewarded_video audience_network 19% greater than benchmark
2 facebook_stories facebook 1.89% less than benchmark
3 instagram_stories instagram 75.39% less than benchmark
4 instagram_explore instagram 82.6% less than benchmark
5 feed instagram 47.51% less than benchmark

Among all Facebook platforms, the top five with the highest average CPM costs are rewarded_video, facebook_stories, instagram_stories, instagram_explore, feed, and their corresponding publishers are audience_network, facebook, instagram, instagram, instagram. The 2021 ad placement cost and strategy can help you make better CPM advertising budget.

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Family Category Average CPA in United Kingdom May 2021

Action Cost Benchmarks
All Actions $104.13
Activate App 99.81% less than benchmark
Install 94.8% less than benchmark
Complete Registration 168.88% greater than benchmark
Add to cart 126.92% greater than benchmark
Purchase 74.08% less than benchmark

Among all actions, Facebook’s average CPA is $104.13. And the average cost of different actions varies greatly. Generally speaking, the cost of "install" and "Activate App" is much lower than that of "Add to cart" . 2021 May Family category average cost per install is 94.8% less than benchmark. The cost of "Add to cart" behavior is much higher than this. For more details, please check the website average cpm and whatsapp sender.

Male Female
All age $37.73 $77.9
18-24 36.47% less than $37.73 3.44% greater than $77.9
25-34 3.68% less than $37.73 3.52% less than $77.9
35-44 15.05% greater than $37.73 15.04% less than $77.9
45-54 55.87% greater than $37.73 9.65% less than $77.9
55-64 76.2% greater than $37.73 20.51% greater than $77.9
65+ 9.75% greater than $37.73 96.8% less than $77.9

Looking at the CPA data from gender and age, the average CPA for male is about $37.73, and the average CPA for female is about $77.9. There is a big gap in different age ranges. The highest female CPA age range is "55-64" and the lowest is "65+". Males have the highest CPA cost in the "55-64" age group, and the lowest CPA cost in the "18-24" age group.

Family Category Average CTR in United Kingdom May 2021

category Family
Average CTR benchmark 1.32% (benchmark)
Gender - Male 3.79% less than benchmark
Gender - Female 26.52% less than benchmark
Age - 13-17 7.58% greater than benchmark
Age - 18-24 17.42% less than benchmark
Age - 25-34 23.48% less than benchmark
Age - 35-44 8.33% greater than benchmark
Age - 45-54 34.09% greater than benchmark
Age - 55-64 57.58% greater than benchmark
Age - 65+ 84.09% greater than benchmark

2021 May Family category average CTR is 1.32% (benchmark), this is a good click-through rate, if your ad can exceed the click-through rate, then it is developing well. The gender data of CTR shows that the average CTR of Female is lower than Male, so you can get more clicks for Male advertising.

Different from CPC and CPM, the average CTR shows the opposite trend in the age group. The average CTR of "65+" age range is the highest, and the average CTR of "55-64" age range ranks second. The two age groups with the lowest average CTR are "25-34" and "18-24". The younger the age, the higher the click-through rate. This presents a different trend from CPC and CPM.

Placement Publisher CTR
instant_article facebook 65.15% less than benchmark
feed instagram 62.88% less than benchmark
messenger_inbox messenger 40.15% less than benchmark
messenger_stories messenger 29.55% greater than benchmark
video_feeds facebook 59.09% less than benchmark

Among all Facebook platforms, the top five with the highest average CTR are instant_article, feed, messenger_inbox, messenger_stories, video_feeds, and their corresponding publishers are facebook, instagram, messenger, messenger, facebook.

Final Thoughts

2021 May Family category Facebook ads cost report in United Kingdom is over here, hope these data can help you make cost less ad. Of course, if you need to obtain the interest list during Facebook advertising, you can view it in ADCostly's audience report. The advertising cost of each interest can also be viewed on the audience function page. Please check the following websites for more information: shopify.

The data in this article still doesn't meet your requirements? 2021 Family category Facebook ads cost report for other months can be viewed here.