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Are you running Facebook ads for interest "Electrolux"? What is the Facebook ads cost of interest "Electrolux"? ADCostly analyzed the advertising costs of the interest "Electrolux". ADCostly is the best Facebook ads cost analysis tool, providing CPC, CPM, CTR and CPA benchmarks for Electrolux Facebook advertising to help you better adjust your Facebook ads cost. For more details, please check the website yahoo ads cost and facebook advertising benchmarks 2020.

1. The Facebook Ads Cost Of Interest "Electrolux"

Interest Audience CPC CPM
Electrolux 21.58M $0.39 $2.33

The interest "Electrolux" has 21.58M audiences in Facebook. The average CPC for interest "Electrolux" in 2020 is $0.39, and the average CPM is $2.33. Interests related to "Electrolux" include "Sanyo", "KitchenAid", "Vacuum cleaner" and "Makro". These related Facebook interests can be included in the keywords when advertising. Their reports can be viewed at the end of this report. If you need to get more audience of interests, you can check it through ADCostly. And you can check the target audience of Electrolux through Facebook interest targeting tool, AdTargeting.

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2. Advertising Costs Of Top 5 Countries With The Most Audience

*Benchmark: The average CPC in the United States is $0.59, and the average CPM is $25.22.

Country Audience CPC CPM
Brazil 5.59M 69.49% less than the US 84.06% less than the US
Thailand 1.38M 69.49% less than the US 82.79% less than the US
Mexico 1.27M 59.32% less than the US 85.49% less than the US
Italy 927.79K 50.85% less than the US 79.02% less than the US
Vietnam 927.79K 52.54% less than the US 88.42% less than the US

The interest"Sanyo" has 302.07K audiences in the United States. The average CPC is $0.59, and the average CPM is $25.22. Except the United States, descending order by the number of audiences, the top five countries are Brazil, Thailand, Mexico, Italy and Vietnam. Brazil has the most audiences, Its CPC 69.49% less than the US and CPM 84.06% less than the US.

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3. Advertising Costs Of Top 5 Countries With The Highest CPC

Country Audience CPC CPM
Hong Kong(China) 64.73K 520.34% greater than the US 55.63% less than the US
Sweden 496.26K 20.34% greater than the US 57.26% less than the US
Ecuador 107.88K 28.81% less than the US 90.33% less than the US
Peru 237.34K 33.9% less than the US 81.13% less than the US
Israel 86.31K 40.68% less than the US 59.36% less than the US

Except the United States, descending order according to CPC price, the top five countries are Hong Kong(China), Sweden, Ecuador, Peru and Israel. Hong Kong(China) has the highest CPC, Its CPC 520.34% greater than the US and average CPM 55.63% less than the US. More detailed CPC and CPM can be viewed on the Audience page of ADCostly.

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4. Advertising Costs Of Top 5 Countries With The Highest CPM

Country Audience CPC CPM
Norway 215.77K 55.93% less than the US 32.32% less than the US
Australia 453.11K 64.41% less than the US 38.3% less than the US
France 258.92K 67.8% less than the US 41.51% less than the US
Taiwan(China) 431.53K 100.0% less than the US 46.51% less than the US
Switzerland 86.31K 66.1% less than the US 47.98% less than the US

Except the United States, descending order according to average CPM price, the top five countries are Norway, Australia, France, Taiwan(China) and Switzerland. Norway has the highest CPM, Its CPC 55.93% less than the US and CPM 32.32% less than the US.

5. Electrolux Expansion Facebook Interests Analysis

Interest Audience CPC CPM
Sanyo 603.5K 43.59% less than Electrolux 193.99% less than Electrolux
KitchenAid 14.14M 48.72% less than Electrolux 685.84% less than Electrolux
Vacuum cleaner 62.03M 61.54% greater than Electrolux 500.86% less than Electrolux
Makro 20.95M 15.38% less than Electrolux 11.16% less than Electrolux
Major appliance 7.85M 30.77% less than Electrolux 138.63% less than Electrolux

Interests related to "Electrolux" include "Sanyo", "KitchenAid", "Vacuum cleaner", "Makro" and "Major appliance". These Facebook interests all have a good number of audiences, and their comparison with the average CPM and CPC data of the interest "Electrolux" is shown in the table above. These are all good keywords when you run Facebook ads. More detailed CPC and CPM can be viewed on the Audience page of ADCostly. If you need more professional information, please check aliexpress dropshipping and dropshippers.

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