Frequently Asked Questions

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1.  About ADCostly

ADCostly aims to conveniently and intuitively view the average index of KEY COSTS in the advertising industry. 
Our target audiences are advertisers, media-buyers, marketing people and decision makers.
We have numerous cooperating Campaign data and advertising automation companies to provide us with numerous data sources through powerful computing power and security desensitization rules. 
In fact, ADCostly's data dates back to the beginning of 2019 as long as possible.
We mainly provide advertising cost analysis for Facebook and its sub-media Instagram, Audience Network, Messenger. And We will add more networks in the future.
We currently cover more than 120 countries all over the world.
ADCostly provides advanced filtering items, placements, countries, regions or CTA types. You can view the advertising cost index of different countries, and you can also view the data of Facebook’s 17 placements. If you pay attention to the advertising cost performance of different CTA, such as Play Game, Download or Shop now, you can filter and view its CTR and CPC at will.

2.About Operations

You need to place your desktop mouse on the label node of the trend chart to view corresponding time and corresponding value.
You can go to "Top Campaigns" to set advanced filters for purposeful searching.
You can use the date searching and options in advanced filter to get the most recent data.
Based on the time period you set, the results of Overview are the average CTR, CPM and CPC by Age and Gender. In addition, you can also find monthly demographics in Age and Gender.
Advertising accounts of other networks are not currently supported. But we'll keep developing more networks to access.

3. About Payment

For monthly subscriptions, AdCostly accepts payment via credit cards only.
Please kindly check our refund policy. https://adcostly.com/terms
Yes, you can cancel your subscription whenever you'd like to. Even after cancellation, you can still use the remainder of your bill and it won’t subscribe to a next cycle after the expiration.
Simply login to your account and go to My Plan (Plan&Credit) after clicking the username in the top right corner, click “cancel the subscription” to confirm on each step. No need to call, email, or talk to anyone!
After cancellation, please do recheck your account status and ensure there is no upcoming payment.
We only offer digital invoices. You can click the username in the top right corner – Profile – Invoice, to check/download your invoices.
You can go to My Plan and click the “↑Upgrade” button, or visit Pricing page directly, choose a more advanced plan and pay for the price difference, then it’ll work.
Sorry, you cannot downgrade your plan directly. If you want to change your plan, please cancel your current subscription first, then resubscribe another one.
Sorry, you cannot update your card information directly. If you insist on doing so, you can cancel your current subscription first, then resubscribe it with updated card info.
Not the question/doubt you had in mind? Feel free to contact us.