September 16, 2020

How Much Does Web Ad Cost? [2020 Update]

It is a well-known fact that most of the Internet is run through advertising. The Internet, like TV and radio stations, earns revenue from advertising, and users get free content from advertising. But most people agree that paid web promotion can indeed bring a large number of users. Facebook’s 2020 Q2 quarterly financial report shows that the average DAU in June 2020 was 1.79 billion, an increase of 12% year-on-year. This is a very large audience group, so it is effective to place web ads on Facebook.
September 11, 2020

How Much Should I Spend On Facebook Ads?[Tutorial For Beginners]

How much should you spend on your Facebook ads? This is related to every advertising optimizer, and different people will also work out different advertising budgets. Some people pay tens of dollars for advertising, while others spend tens of thousands of dollars. Advertising budget depends on three aspects: advertiser needs, market advertising cost benchmarks, and advertising capital investment. These three factors have a very important impact on advertising costs. The following is the advertising cost of a product, let’s take a look at how much money was spent.
September 11, 2020

2020 Q2 Facebook Ad Benchmarks For Different Countries/Areas

Advertising benchmarks are often related to countries/areas. The same amount of advertising in different countries/areas will make different budgets. These are often related to the area/country’s economy and Internet conditions. Different countries/areas have different CPC, CPM, CTR and CPA data, so the resulting advertising costs are also different.
September 11, 2020

B2B Facebook Ads Analysis Guidance And How To Acquire Potential Customers

Facebook is often thought of as a platform for B2C, but in fact, the B2B brand can use Facebook to locate almost any imaginable role, such as an ad optimist, corporate executive, or software programmer. They tend to look up B2B tools on Facebook when designing products or doing product research, and these tools make it easier for them to do so. So B2B advertising continues to have a huge market in social media and other platforms.
September 03, 2020

IOS14 announced the use of SKadnetwork 2.0 to replace IDFA

What impact will it bring to the advertising industry and advertising practitioners? The first is the MMP data tracking platform. SKadnetwork cannot be accurate to the device level. Previously, the third-party tracking platform used to focus on the analysis of ROI and simultaneous sound data. Now there is no user level data. The function of MMP has been taken away overnight. Afraidingthat Guazi has been scared off all the various MMP platforms that have happily obtained financing. It is estimated that they are all talking to the Apple Store in full swing.
September 03, 2020

Ad spend and CPC increase in Q2

Social media management vendor AdCostly found that ad spend increased for most of Q2, only to sharply decline in the final 2 weeks of the quarter. Cost-per-click also increased worldwide.
August 24, 2020

Keyword Difficulty

Keyword Difficulty (KD) is a metric that, according to my observations, causes a lot of confusion in our industry. So let’s explain it in detail. 
August 14, 2020

2020 Q2 Facebook Ad Benchmarks For Your Category

Facebook is one of the fastest growing advertising networks. In fact, in the past few years, Facebook has become the largest advertising platform.Facebook ads and Google ads are currently the two major goals of advertising, and both have their own advantages. If your product needs to be more in line with users’ lives, Facebook is a better choice. In the past two years, if you are also one of the 2 million advertisers in Facebook, you will find that Facebook’s advertising budget is not low. In order to achieve better conversions, you need to spend more time and energy.
August 14, 2020

Latest Facebook Ad Benchmarks For Different Publishers In 2020

Facebook has become the largest social media advertising platform in recent years, but the cost of advertising on Facebook is relatively high. At the same time, the pressure of competition is also high. How to stand out from so many ads requires more skills.
July 31, 2020

Lower Facebook Ad Budget And Better Results

By advertising on Facebook, brands have more control over who sees their message, and perhaps more importantly, the number of people that actually see it. But how well does it scale? In other words, if we increase our ad spend, will we also increase signups? Leads? Customers?
July 31, 2020

Read The Report To Make A Cost Less Ad On Facebook

Mobile gaming apps continue to grow at a fast and furious pace, set to reach a 60% market share in gaming consumer spend in 2019. But it’s not just the topline numbers that are impressive.
July 31, 2020

Trend in Game Advertising Conversion Cost

Big players have the financial resources to fund wide-scale ad campaigns for their game. But what about yours? It’s hard to get your game noticed by your target audience, especially if you’re working within a tight budget and in the nascent stages of your business.
July 22, 2020

2020 Cost of marketing guidance [Facebook,Instagram..]

There must be a thoughtful advertiser and a careful cost budgeter behind a successful advertisement. The advertiser is responsible for the creative design and overall control of the advertisement, and the cost budgeter is responsible for the advertising plan and budget. A marketing plan can determine your business’ marketing goals, and a marketing budget can help you determine the actual steps to achieve those goals. In addition, you should also pay attention to the cost of different Publishers. How much should you spend? Where should you spend?
July 19, 2020

Best cost per click calculator—ADCostly

When advertising, CPC costs have always been the focus of advertisers, but due to the lack of suitable tools, we can only barely calculate CPC data for advertising based on the cost of advertising and the number of clicks. The Facebook manger does not show us the CPC data of interest and audience well. When encountering such difficulties, try the new CPC calculator- ADCostly.
July 10, 2020

Yoga Ad | 5 Best Marketing Tips For Yoga Facebook Ads

Are you looking for marketing techniques for yoga? Yoga is becoming more and more popular now! More and more men and the elderly begin to practice yoga, starting from 4 million men in 2012 and 4 million elderly people over 55 years old, reaching 10 million and 14 million respectively. However, most yoga studios are doing the wrong Facebook ads!
July 02, 2020

CPC VS CPM :How to choose CPC and CPM for different ad categories?

In the digital media trading environment, advertisers and publishers should make the most correct execution plan for advertising costs. When planning your advertising strategy, all the details must be taken into consideration. Today we will explain the bidding options.
June 30, 2020

Audience analysis: Using Facebook Interest keywords analysis to make a cost less ad on facebook.

Audience analysis allows brands to gain a deeper understanding of their current and potential customers to improve marketing strategy, customer experience, and brand perception. This post covers how brands can use audience analysis to create more successful marketing campaigns and advertising.
June 28, 2020

How To Control Marketing Cost On Facebook?

The information in this article can help you understand in advance the average cost of delivery on Facebook, including Instagram, Facebook Audience Network, and Message. Through efficient and accurate advertising, guide you to control marketing costs on Facebook.
June 20, 2020

5 best Facebook ad tools to increase your advertising ROI in 2020

Facebook is a great platform and currently has 2 billion users. Nowadays, more and more advertisers choose to use Facebook ads to attract users to visit websites or buy products. Do you know? Having a good Facebook advertising marketing tool can improve your advertising ROI. What value can we have with such a Facebook advertising tool?
June 15, 2020

How much does social media marketing cost?

How much does social media marketing cost on Facebook?One of the major questions asked by a prospective customer of an agency is “how much does social media marketing cost?”. Given that we’re advertising on Facebook, that question often gets narrowed down to “On Facebook?”.
June 12, 2020

Save Advertising Budget 50%:How to spend your Facebook ad cost reasonably?

Facebook is a great social networking platform and currently has 2 billion users worldwide. Facebook has therefore been the most profitable company in the world. It has become the first choice for many advertisers to place ads. However, for many advertisers with limited advertising budgets: controlling advertising costs and comprehensively enhancing the value and effectiveness of advertising is a major problem that plagues them.
June 08, 2020

CPC on Facebook Has Dropped Continuously in the Past Two Months

According to the data source of Statista, the average CPC on Facebook was about USD 0.09 in the middle of March 2020, which is 18% less compared with the average value in January, i.e., USD 0.11.
May 21, 2020

How to use CPA data to make a cost less AD?

Unconsciously, half of it has passed in 2020. Under the influence of global COVID-19, the real economy has become downturn, but is it another opportunity for the Internet? During this period, do you worry products has no consumers? At this time, you need more advertisements to recommend your products. AdCosly is a good tool to help you understand the ad cost analysis ,and help you to make a cost less ad.It contains CPC,CTR,CPM,CPA,AUDIENCE and CAMPAIGNS analysis。
May 15, 2020

NEW ANALYTICS REPORT: The Average Advertising Cost On Facebook In Q1

Facebook is a very great social platform, currently has about 2 billion users worldwide, accounting for about one-third of the world’s population. Because the user base covers the whole world, many companies choose to advertise on Facebook, and some of these great products have been continuously advertised on Facebook, such as the famous mobile game: Candy Crush Saga.
May 14, 2020

ADCostly supports cost analysis of APP classification

April 23, 2020

Average CTR for Facebook ads shows how to do good advertising marketing

Advertising is a thing that every advertiser often does, but how effective is the advertising? Have we really delivered or converted? How can we better improve the CTR of advertising?
April 23, 2020

Advertising campaign | What is the cost of successful advertising?

Successful advertising campaigns often have very obvious characteristics: excellent advertising budget schemes, efficient ROI conversion rates, solid advertising distribution channels and so on. The current advertising routines are the same, but not everyone can make a successful advertising campaign. Next is an accurate analysis of successful advertising campaigns summarized by ADCostly.
April 17, 2020

Facebook Marketing Tools To Get The Most Out Of Your Ad Budget In 2020!

Facebook marketing tools play a very important role in our daily advertising, but we often can not find very cheap and useful tools. A list of Facebook marketing tools can reduce a lot of burden for you. The use of these tools can quickly make your advertising budget get the most benefit.
April 10, 2020

Facebook Average CPM Data Summary [2020 update]

Unconsciously, the first quarter of 2020 is about to pass. Due to the impact of the epidemic, all kinds of difficult problems will inevitably occur in all walks of life this year. In order to reduce the impact of the epidemic factors and quickly return to the state before the epidemic, today I will bring you the statistics of the average CPM of Facebook ads. Finally, there are tips on how to stay in the overall downward trend of ads. In other words, there are tips on how to make cost less ad.
April 07, 2020

Insight into the secret of the advertising —Ad Cost

Advertising cost has always been an industry secret. Many advertisers or optimizers suffer pain and balance excessive spending or substandard advertising effects.
April 03, 2020

Online Advertising Costs | Facebook Ad Costs To Know Before You Start Marketing

Advertisement placement is one of the indispensable promotion methods for traders, but advertisement placement often costs a large amount of money. If the placement is not proper, it is likely that funds will be wasted. Online advertising costs are roughly divided into two types: social media advertising and Google advertising. Here I would like to explain to you some specific operations of Facebook advertising and an overview of costs to reduce the waste of everyone’s funds.
April 02, 2020

Marketing cost analysis | Data tutorial for advertising in the epidemic

COVID-19 has entered people’s attention since December 2019, and the epidemic has lasted for four months. So how much has the epidemic affected the advertising industry in these four months? Today, I start with the advertising data and analyze the impact of the advertising costs brought about by the epidemic in detail. It can also be called a marketing cost analysis with data.