ADCostly QuickStart Guide

Let us show you quick ways to optimize your advertising cost strategy.

Table Of Contents:

  • Before You Start ADCostly
  • Guide For Beginners
    1. Get Accurate Cost Data with Advanced Filters
    2. View the Cost Trend in Top Campaigns
    3. Obtain confidential Audience Cost Analysis
    4. Access to Audience Insight
  • Questions / Feedback / Bugs

Before you start ADCostly

The ADCostly’s friendly interface and data automation provide a lot of convenience for customization analysis and advanced cost research. 

Guide For Beginners

1、Get Accurate Cost Data with Advanced Filters

Different publishers or categories have different cost data presentation. Advanced filters including ADs Placements, Countries, all CTA and the Date filter. Only by taking full advantage of these filters can accurate results be obtained.

When you select a vertical category, All Category Insight will show the same result with Vertical Category Insight according to your choice. 

2、View the Cost Trend in Top Campaigns

Top Campaigns show the cost trends of different campaigns all over the world. You can rank data according to impression, CTA, CPC, CPM in Top Campaigns. After each filtering you can see top30 and all ranked data has been desensitized. 

3、Obtain confidential Audience Cost Analysis

Audience Insight provides audience cost analysis of different genders, as well as audience cost analysis from a total of 17 age groups from 13 to 65+.

In order to track the trend of audience cost analysis on a timely basis, it’s better to set the period to 6 months.

4、Access to Audience Insight

Please note that only connecting to effective Facebook Ad account (spent>$100), can let you get access to Audience Insight.

At present, ADCostly offers 3 types of plans with different permissions. You need to choose your best choice before using it. After the tutorial, read the ADCostly FAQ.

Questions / Feedback / Bugs

If you have any questions about ADCostly, feel free to contact us.