Facebook Ads Cost In Egypt

The average CPM in Egypt is about $0.59; the average CPC is about $0.04; the average CTR is about 1.58%. CPM, CPC, CTR, CPA are important indicators of Facebook ads cost. More Egyptian Facebook advertising trends will be given in this article.

Facebook ads cost Benchmarks

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How much does Facebook ads cost in Egypt?

Facebook ads cost CPM CPC CTR
Facebook News Feed $0.62 $0.04 1.67%
Instagram $0.69 $0.08 0.08%
Audience Network $0.70 $0.03 2.26%
Messenger $0.27 $0.05 0.60%

Advertising costs in Egypt show different prices among different publishers. Among them, the highest CPM is Audience Network, which costs about $0.70; the lowest CPM is Messenger, which costs about $0.27. The highest CPC is Instagram, which costs about $0.08; the lowest CPM is Audience Network, which costs about $0.03. The highest CTR is Audience Network, which is about 2.26%; the lowest CTR is Instagram, which is about 0.08%.

On the whole, the cost of placing Messenger ads in Egypt is relatively low, but the click-through rate will be relatively poor. If you want to achieve a higher click-through rate, you can choose to advertise on Audience Network and Facebook News Feed, and the advertising costs are relatively moderate. This would be a good choice.

Trends for Facebook Advertising Costs in Egypt

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CPM Increases Year By Year

Since 2019, the CPM in Egypt has gradually increased. Although occasionally there will be a decline, the overall CPM is on an upward trend. At the end of 2020, CPM reached a peak of about $9.93, but it immediately dropped to a normal level.


CPC Increased Gently

From 2019 to 2021, CPC prices have changed very slowly, showing an overall upward trend, but they have never exceeded $1.0, and the cost per click in Egypt has been at a low level. The CPC price reached its highest point in January 2021, with a price of approximately $0.9 and a minimum of approximately $0.05.

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CTR Shows Downward Trend

Since 2019, CTR has first shown an upward trend, reaching the highest CTR in May 2019, which is about 2.35%, but has shown two downward trends since then. On the whole, CTR is gradually decreasing, but it is still higher than 1%.


Cost Per Purchase Fluctuates Greatly

Cost per install in Egypt has always been at a low price, with the highest value being about $0.89. However, cost per purchase has changed a lot, with a total of 4 major fluctuations. The highest cost per purchase is $26.3, and the lowest is less than $1.

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