Facebook Ads Cost In Russia

The average CPM in Russia is about $2.65; the average CPC is about $0.34; the average CTR is about 0.79%. Posting Facebook ads in Russia has always been a good choice, and we believe that every marketer will benefit from the analysis of Russian social media ads. ADCostly helps marketers build better advertising budgets by summarizing the benchmarks of Russian average advertising costs in the past three years.

Facebook ads cost Benchmarks

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How much does Facebook ads cost in Russia?

Facebook ads cost CPM CPC CTR
Facebook News Feed $5.02 $0.37 1.34%
Instagram $2.23 $0.34 0.34%
Audience Network $3.70 $0.31 1.18%
Messenger $2.06 $0.65 0.32%

Facebook has found that 470 accounts have purchased more than 3,000 Russian-supported ads, and about 11.4 million Americans have seen Russian-sponsored paid ads. The post covered as many as 126 million Americans. This means that Facebook has enough influence and great potential for product promotion. From the average cost benchmarks summarized above, we can see that the average CPM of Facebook is generally high, exceeding $5; the average CPC cost of Messenger has become the peak, reaching $0.65; the average CTR of Facebook and Audience Network is a good value , They both exceed 1%, but the average CTR of Instagram and Messenger is not satisfactory.

Ad placement from Facebook has undoubtedly shown good results in both practice and data. Compared with countries such as India and Egypt, Instagram ads are not very friendly to Russia, with high costs and low average click-through rates. Next, let's take a detailed look at the changes in different data indicators of Russia in the past three years. This will be a new idea.

Trends for Facebook Advertising Costs in Russia

Learn about Russia with Facebook Ads Cost Insight.

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Increasing Trend from $2 to $4.

As expected, peak expenses were caused during the holiday season, and overall CPM declined in May and the beginning of the year. Data from Russia in the past three years shows that CPM costs have been gradually rising. It means the company will invest more marketing budgets on Facebook. We should be able to predict that in 2021, the Russian CPM trend will decline first, but the overall situation will still be higher than the 2019 data.


CPC Shows A Weak Trend

From 2019 to 2021, the average CPC of advertisements in Russia fluctuates very little, showing a very weak trend overall. But the recent average CPC in 2021 still reached a peak, about $0.71. For those engaged in performance marketing, this is bad news. This means that you will spend more money to acquire the same potential users. In the face of rising prices, it makes sense to optimize your campaigns for conversions.

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CTR Presents A Risk Warning

In 2019, Russia’s average CTR reached the highest peak of about 1.34%, which is a good data for the market. However, the average CTR has been on a downward trend after 2020. Even if the upward change reappeared at the beginning of 2021, it lasted for a short time. CTR dropped rapidly, below 0.6%. The average click-through rate of Russian ads presents a risk warning. This warns marketers to improve the quality of advertisements and conduct batch AB tests in a timely manner.


Pay Attention to Install And Registration Cost

In Russia, although the registration price in 2020 is cheaper than in 2019, the price of CPA has been rising month by month by the end of 2020, reaching its peak in early 2021. In addition, the installation cost has also increased to $4.17. It is too early to find any trends, but definitely pay attention to the cost of your installation and complete registration, because it may continue to grow throughout the year.

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