Facebook Advertising Cost by Country/Area [2021 Update]

As the most commonly used social media, Facebook advertising has always been the main source of Facebook’s revenue. With the continuous development of social media, the number of Facebook audience has increased several times compared to 5 years ago. And social media advertising has achieved a very good effect in the past two years. The number of user clicks is significantly higher than that of the old brand advertising. And it can use the dashboard to track the advertising effect, which is an indispensable part of current Internet advertising.

If you are a Facebook advertiser, then you must be very interested in some advertising figures. With the continuous changes in Facebook's advertising model, advertisers often cannot achieve the most appropriate advertising plan in the first time. The biggest influencing factor is advertising costs. The inability to grasp the advertising cost benchmarks in countries in time has caused a large amount of advertising capital losses. And the click-through rate in different countries will be quite different. Advertisers cannot easily understand the market average advertising cost benchmark. In order to solve this problem, we delve into the data to find out the answer! Advertisers can check ADCostly to learn about Facebook advertising performance benchmarks in different countries, including:

You will find the average values of Facebook metrics for the following 25 countries/Areas: United States, Korea, Australia, Hong Kong (China), Canada, Germany, Japan, United Kingdom, Taiwan (China), France, Malaysia, Italy, Russia , Spain, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, Turkey, India, Egypt. Let us know more! Of course, we have also conducted a detailed Facebook advertising cost benchmark analysis for different industries in each country. You can easily check it in "ad cost by category".

Facebook Advertising Cost by Country 2021

Facebook Ads Cost by Country 2021 Q2

Facebook CPM by Country 2021 Q2

Sort the Facebook CPM of Q2 in 2021 in descending order of cost by country, and you will get some obvious patterns. CPM advertising in the United States is very expensive, and Japan ranks second. It is obvious that the advertising CPM in some developed countries is generally higher, and the advertising CPM in developing countries or non-developed areas is significantly lower. $5 is the cost demarcation line of CPM advertising, lower than $5 is a lower cost level, such as India, Egypt, Mexico and other countries. And higher than $5 is a higher level of cost. The cost of CPM advertising in the United States, Japan, and Canada is often more than ten times that of India.

Facebook CPC by Country 2021 Q2

According to the same country ranking, there will be some differences between the average CPC and CPM in Q2 2021. First of all, the average CPC in all countries is about $1. When the average CPC exceeds $1, your advertising investment will lose money. It does not achieve the benefits you deserve. Most of the money is wasted competing with others. At this time, you should Change interest and reduce waste of funds.

When your average CPC is lower than the national CPC benchmark, perhaps your advertising effect will not be very good, and advertising costs will not be spent, which will lead to extremely poor advertising effectiveness. At this time, you should also change the audience or country. CPC benchmarks in different countries can help better balance advertising budgets.

Facebook CTR by Country 2021 Q2

Judging from the CTR of different countries, the click-through rate of developed countries is lower, which is the opposite trend of CPC and CPM. India, as a representative of countries with low CPC and CPM, has become the country with the highest CTR, with a click-through rate of 4.7%. This is very good in advertising click-through rates. The click-through rate of Pakistan and Egypt also showed good data.

Facebook CPA by Country 2021 Q2

CPA includes the cost of various actions. ADCostly calculated the average cost benchmarks for Install, Complete Registration, and Purchase. Japan has the highest CPA at a cost of $16.27. The country worth mentioning is Korea. The average CPC and CPM of this country are extremely low, but the CPA is exceptionally high. From the map, the cost of Europe and America is generally high, but Japan in Asia has become the champion of CPA.

Facebook Ads Cost by Country 2021 Q1

Facebook CPM by Country 2021 Q1

Consistent with Q2 of 2021, the country's ranking is still in descending order of CPM. The United States and Japan still need expensive prices to complete CPM advertising. But it is worth noting that the average CPM of Q2 is significantly lower than that of Q1, which means that the CPM of developed countries in Q2 has been significantly reduced. This also satisfies the general law, because there are very few festivals in Q2, and the competitive pressure of advertising will generally be low, so the advertising CPM will also be reduced.

Facebook CPC by Country 2021 Q1

In 2021, the average CPC in Q1 is generally higher than that in Q2. In Japan, the average CPC in Q1 is $2.76, while the average CPC in Q2 is reduced to $1.68, which is a very significant decline. The average CPC in other countries also dropped significantly, including the United States, Australia, Germany, and the United Kingdom. The average CPC in some developing countries has not changed much, and remains at a floating rate of $0.2~$0.5.

Facebook CTR by Country 2021 Q1

According to the classification of countries/Area in Q1 of 2021, the average CTR is still higher in developing countries/non-developed countries. Compared with Q2 in 2021, the average CTR of Q1 is higher, and the average CTR of Q2 is slightly lower. The average CTR in Spain, the United States and other regions has dropped significantly. Countries such as Egypt and Pakistan also saw a decline in CTR during this six-month period, but it was not obvious, with a decrease of about 0.5%.

Facebook CPA by Country 2021 Q1

Compared with Q2, the overall average CPA in Q1 is relatively high, and the CPA in the United States, Canada, Australia, Russia and other countries has decreased by about $2. The top ten countries have changed greatly in Q1 and Q2. The average CPA rankings of the United Kingdom, Korea and Saudi Arabia have increased significantly, especially Korea, where the average CPA has risen to $13.36. Of course, in different countries, the CPA of gender and age group will be very different. More CPA classification can be obtained from ADCostly.

Facebook Advertising Cost by Country 2019 VS 2020

Facebook CPM by Country

The comparison of the annual average CPM between 2019 and 2020 is shown in the figure above. It is obvious that the average CPM in 2020 has increased significantly, which is reflected in most countries. And countries with higher CPM fees will have more average CPM growth in 2020. Of course, if you compare with the 2021 data, you will find that the average CPM in 2019 and 2020 is generally lower than 2021. Of course, the average CPM in some countries in 2019 is higher than that in 2020, such as Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy and Spain. These countries need more detailed data analysis.

Facebook CPC by Country

Comparing the average CPC in 2019 with 2020, the same trend is shown: the average CPC in 2020 is generally increase. The average CPC in the United States, Korea, Canada, Japan, and Russia has increased significantly, about an increase of $0.2. The average CPC has not changed much in the past two years, and the average CPC is hovering around $0.6. However, the average CPC has increased significantly in 2021, and the average CPC benchmark has reached around $0.9.

Facebook CTR by Country

CTR has changed a lot in 2019 and 2020. There are four prominent countries, Egypt, India, Mexico and Brazil. The average CTR of India and Egypt in 2020 has dropped severely, almost by half (1%); Mexico and Brazil have increased their average CTR in 2020, increasing by about 0.5%.

Facebook CPA by Country

Comparing the CPA data in 2019 and 2020, the CPA in Japan has changed very greatly, from $8.56 in 2019 to $17.67 in 2020, which has doubled the cost increase. Canada, as the second place, still increased by less than $2 in 2020. The average Australian CPA has increased by $3 in a year. In order to understand the cost of CPA in more detail (Cost per install, Cost per purchase···), use ADCostly to analyze advertising benchmarks.