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Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world with 2.85 billion monthly active users. Hence, the potential of this platform for ad marketing is massive.

Creating an ad campaign on Facebook is a really simple process, however for promotion of that campaign you need to have a few tricks up your sleeve.

This platform comprises a massive global audience that can be targeted for ad campaigns. Hence, you will be requiring special tools that can help you optimize the performance of your ads and provide you better results.

Benefits of Advertising on Facebook

So, the question arises, “Why should I advertise on Facebook?”. Well, because there are a lot of benefits of advertising on Facebook. Let’s take a look at some of those benefits:

  • Facebook has a gigantic global audience that you can target for your campaign.
  • Facebook offers the best ROAS on ad marketing, as reviewed by many top businessmen.
  • You can target a specific audience for a specific campaign, and block other audiences from that ad campaign.
  • Facebook ads are affordable and come at a lower cost than other ad marketing sites.
  • Facebook ads, if boosted with the right tools, give faster results, much quicker than any other platform.
  • You can get a detailed in-depth analysis of your ad campaign and its performance to find out the shortcomings and sort them out.

10 Useful Facebook Advertising Tools to Help You Optimize Performance

Now that you know how beneficial Facebook ad marketing is, let’s take a look at those special tools that can improve your ad campaign’s performance and give you better results.

1. AdCostly—Best Facebook Ads Cost Analysis Tool

This is one of the top tools that help you enhance the cost management of your Facebook ads. You can unlock the secrets of successful ad marketing on Facebook with the help of AdCostly.

This tool comes with many features, but the prime is managing the cost of your Facebook ads. You can get the benchmarks for CPC, CPM, CPR, and CPA of your ads completely free on this tool.

Hence, you will be able to adjust the optimum cost of your Facebook ads to get better ROAS while spending less money.

Besides, you can also target Facebook interests using this tool. Hence, you will be able to optimize your ad campaigns based on the benchmark of targeted interests.

Furthermore, AdCostly also provides you with Facebook trends for ads from leading industries and companies in the world.

AdCostly helps you optimize the performance of your Facebook ads while analyzing better marketing costs and reducing advertising costs.

2. Facebook Creative Hub

The Creative Hub of Facebook allows you to edit your ads and creative features into it. You have a variety of filters and editing tools on the tips of your finger.

Adding to this, since Zuckerberg has owned Instagram too, you can also use Instagram features for editing Facebook ads in the Creative Hub.

This Hub also allows you to quickly share the ads instantly with anyone and also get your feedback from them. Even if the user doesn’t possess a Facebook account, they will still be able to watch your ad.

After you have created an ad mockup, you can also send it to other devices to see how it would look when opened from the user’s end. It provides you the ability to look for any mistakes and correct them.

Moreover, you can also look at the work of top Facebook creatives and how they are dominating ad marketing across the world. This can provide you inspiration for an innovative ad.

Furthermore, you also have the option of learning new supported Facebook or Instagram ad formats through this hub.

3. Facebook Ads Manager

This is the official online tool for creating and managing ads on Facebook. This is an all-in-one tool for advertising and monitoring the performance of your Ad Campaign.

First of all, this tool allows you to create new ads and manage the creative work by uploading ad creative. You can also write, copy and review how your ads look on different devices.

This manager is also equipped with advanced algorithms and filters to specify your target audience. You can target a specific group of people or a larger audience for your Ad campaign.

You can also set up an overall budget for your ad campaign and whether that budget would apply on a daily basis or in other strategic ways.

The Facebook ads created by this manager are flexible. You can decide whether the app would run only on Facebook or on different variety of apps that are managed by Facebook.

There are also a variety of adjustment and editing options available. You can always edit your budget, audience, ad creative, placement options as well as pause and relaunch your ad campaign.

Moreover, there is also an advanced AI that automatically gives you ideal ad formats for your ad. AB testing is also available to determine the effects of different factors on your ads.

You can also improve your campaign performance by getting real-time insights on your campaign. This helps you spot trends and adjust your ads according to them to get maximum engagement.

4. Bigspy—The No. 1 AdSpy Tool 

This is the best and cheapest AdSpy tool on the internet is compatible with more than 7 platforms and is recommended by thousands of professionals.

Bigspy is a massive advertising database that analyzes over a billion ads to get you the right data for your ad campaign.

The search engine of Bigspy is powerful and equipped with advanced filters. Hence, you can specify your search up to a maximum level to get the exact data including audience, place, and industry type.

This platform allows you to find the featured ads and data that people over the world have tracked while saving both your time and money.

This tool gets you the right ideas and niches for your ads with real-time data and social proof, that helps you maximize the engagement on your ads.

Moreover, the system automatically analyzes the daily trends. Hence, you can minimize your campaign expenditure and maximize your profits with this tool.

Last but not least, this platform allows you to track your performance curve and schedule your campaign based on personalized preferences.

5. RevealBot

This tool provides you with automatic management of your Facebook ads to maximize their performance.

You can achieve higher profits, more engagement, and more traffic using intelligent ad automation.

This AI saves you both time and hassle of hiring more account managers by auto-management of your ads.

This is similar to auto-pilot. The tool gives you the ability to create complicated scenarios that will automatically deal with situations when you aren’t available.

You can build this automation using the superior automated rule constructor or by bringing the external intelligent data.

Moreover, this tool can also automatically create ads from your previous posts and reuse ads with dozens of ad variations.

Adding to this, RevealBot also provides you actionable insights on the progress of your ad campaign. If you are running the campaign for a client, the platform also provides you with beautified reports that have a tendency to impress your clients.

6. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is an advanced social media management tool that allows you to connect all your applications with Facebook for easy management of your campaigns.

This tool gives you the ability to schedule posts across a calendar with just a few clicks. Hence, you can automatically schedule your posts and review them from a calendar.

Adding to this, you can produce a quality content by accessing all your media and posts from the Hootsuite dashboard. Regular posting is much easier and more creative with this tool.

Hootsuite also gives you a combined inbox from all connected social platforms that give you the ability to reply in a single thread. It also helps you monitor social treads and brand mentions.

Moreover, you also get insights and analytics reports on all your ads to see which ads have the highest performance. The platform also provides you key reasons for the success of those ads so you can apply the same technique to others.

Last but not least, this platform also offers you pro-courses made by social media experts to enhance your ad creating and marketing skills.

7. Canva

Canva is a free-to-use graphic design platform that provides you with a variety of options for ad content creations. There are a variety of beautiful templates to choose from and design your creative ad.

Canva also offers paid additional features that allow further graphic enhancement for your ads and allows you to make much more creative ads.

With thousands of available graphic content and template, you get all the inspiration to create your best content.

You can also invite your team to edit the content with you. Hence, more than one person can work on the same ad for more creativeness.

After you have completed your ad, you can also view it as a user to see how it would look to the other side and how it would impact the audience.

Design the most amazing ad with the most advanced online graphic design tool.

8. AdTargeting—Best Facebook Interest Targeting Tool

This is the best interest targeting tool for Facebook that helps you find the hidden niches and increase the performance of your ad campaign.

Using the advanced search of this tool, you can find the hidden interests of the audience on Facebook and then target that to increase engagement on your ad campaign.

The analytic ability of this platform is beyond amazing. It provides you with both interest analytics reports and Google keyword analytics report that helps you specify your target audience.

Furthermore, you can also spy on the Facebook ads of your competitors to get detailed analysis and steal their traffic.

This platform also allows you to compare two interests or two keywords. This helps you choose the best one for your ad campaign.

You can also get insights on running trends and hot topics along with a list of interests and keywords.

You can connect your Facebook ad account with this platform to get the ad interests to your ad manager in a single click.

Hence, the platform will provide you with all the right tools to run a perfect and successful ad campaign.

9. AdEspresso 

AdEspresso provides you with testing and optimization for your ads to find the right audience. You can create ads easily and find the right audience for your campaign.

The platform gives you the ability to create ads across different channels with more ease and less time.

You can manage all of your advertising campaigns from one platform. This will be both cost-effective and time-saving.

Furthermore, the platform also provides you the ability to get detailed analytic reports and insights on your ads. Hence you can adjust your ads according to these to get maximum engagement.

Moreover, AdEspresso also allows you to collaborate with your team on the same platform to create a successful ad campaign.

AdEspresso is not only a tool but also a learning platform that allows you to enhance your skills with pro-courses.

10. SEMRush

This is an advanced online marketing tool that allows you to gain more organic impressions on your ads.

SEMRush allows you to do SEO, content marketing, competitor analysis, PPC, and social media marketing from a single platform.

Moreover, you can also lookup local and international keywords and their impact in certain areas. The tool can also analyze any domain's backlink profile.

You can also run technical Search Engine Optimization audits and track your Search Engine Result Pages options daily.


We have provided you with the 10 best tools for increasing engagement on your Facebook ads. These advertising tools are all equipped with advanced features and have the ability you provide you with the best solution to your advertising problems.

 The official tools of Facebook like ad creative and ad manager are lacking these advanced features, hence to find the right niches and run a successful you have to use these tools.