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Social Media Advertising Statistics in The Philippines in 2021

As the Internet gradually entered the market, the Internet marketing industry in the Philippines began to flourish. The popularity of social media such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram has broadened the marketing business in the Philippines. As social networking/marketing dominates the young Filipino market, online advertising is becoming more and more popular.

Statista mentioned in the Research Department released in July this year: In 2020, digital search ads spending in the Philippines was valued at 260.9 million U.S. dollars. Within the same period, the total spending on the digital advertising market was valued at 558 U.S. million dollars in the Philippines.

The constant need for social interaction, especially in a country divided by over seven thousand islands and with an increasing number of overseas workers, were among the leading factors that contributed to the growing number of social network users in the Philippines.

On average, Filipinos spent over four hours using social media platforms, which was the highest across the Asia Pacific region. Among others, networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram created a way to connect and bridge distances between family and friends, enabled content creators to share information through digital media, and allowed a broader reach of promotional marketing through online ads.

Published by Statista Research Department, Sep 16, 2021

It can be seen that the Philippines, as a country with a large population, has a huge demand for the Internet market. Social media advertising is one of the best places for them to conduct marketing, and they can be seen in all major business communities on Facebook.

The Philippines’ Quarterly Report on Facebook Advertising Costs in 2021

Advertising costs of CPC, CPM, and CTR in the Philippines in Q1 2021

According to data from ADCostly, the cost of Facebook advertising in the Philippines in Q1 2021 will be:

$1.48 $0.14 1.6%
Up 10%(last period) Up 8%(last period) Down 14%(last period)

The cost of all types of Facebook ads in the Philippines is rising in the first quarter of 2021, and conversion rates are falling. This has a very close relationship with festivals. The Philippines has a lot of holidays in the first quarter of 2021, leading to an increase in CPC and CPM and a decrease in CTR. This is the normal law of changes in the advertising market.

This also reminds advertisers in the Philippines that the first quarter is generally a period of higher advertising costs. If you want to place ads at this time, you need to spend more energy to target the target audience to reduce wasted advertising costs, optimize the quality of ads to increase the click-through rate of ads.

Philippines Gender&Age Ads Cost in 2021 Q1




ADCostly data shows that the cost of Facebook Ads for men in Q1 2021 is generally lower than that for women.

At the age level, the CPM cost is highest for people aged 55-64, the CPC cost is highest for people aged 35-44, and CTR is highest for people aged 55-64. It can be seen that the level of advertising costs is directly proportional to CTR. The specific data are as follows:


Male $0.96 $0.13 1.6%
Female $1.29 $0.14 1.83%


13—17 $0.39 $0.06 1.83%
18—24 $0.76 $0.12 2.12%
25—34 $1.17 $0.15 2.2%
35—44 $1.55 $0.16 2.76%
45—54 $3.4 $0.14 2.38%
55—64 $5.15 $0.11 4.67%
65+ $3.95 $0.09 4.03%

Philippines Ads Placements Ranking in 2021 Q1

According to data from ADCostly, the cost and price of different advertising positions on social media platforms such as Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram are quite different. Audience Network Rewarded Videos has the highest CPM and CPC prices, but it also brings the highest CTR, which also proves that the value of this ad placement is high.

It can be seen that the price of most advertising placements is directly proportional to the CTR, and advertisers still need to consider high-priced but effective advertising placements.

Placement Publisher CPM($) CPC($) CTR(%)
Audience Network Rewarded Videos Audience Network 4.54 0.38 3.57
Audience Network Classic Audience Network 1.13 0.12 3.07
Facebook News Feed Facebook 1.2 0.13 2.72
Facebook Stories Facebook 0.95 0.19 2.11
Facebook Instant Articles Facebook 0.72 0.08 1.8
Facebook Groups Feed Facebook 0.68 0.06 1.8
Facebook News Feed Facebook 2.05 0.29 1.75
Facebook Marketplace Instagram 0.79 0.1 1.62
Messenger Stories Facebook 2.2 0.17 1.29
Facebook In-Stream Videos Facebook 2 0.15 1.61
Instagram Explore Instagram 1.93 0.32 0.61
Facebook Search Results Facebook 0.76 0.05 1.49
Instagram Explore Instagram 1.23 0.11 1.17
Facebook Video Feeds Facebook 0.8 0.07 1.15
Instagram Stories Instagram 1.55 0.19 0.81
Messenger Inbox Messenger 1.01 0.15 0.71
Facebook Right Column Facebook 0.32 0.11 0.51

Advertising costs of CPC, CPM, and CTR in the Philippines in Q2 2021

Compared with Q1 and Q2 of 2021, CPM and CPC advertising costs continue to rise, and CTR also begins to rise.

$1.53 $0.15 1.74%
UP 3% UP 7% UP 9%

In 2021, despite the slow recovery of the epidemic, the situation of the online advertising industry is still swift and violent. Advertising in the Philippines continued to push up in the second quarter of this year, and the cost of social media advertising such as Facebook continued to rise. The good news is that the advertising conversion rate of Q2 will increase in 2021.

Philippines Gender&Age Ads Cost in 2021 Q2








Male $1.85 $0.1 1.93%
Female $1.56 $0.13 2.2%


13—17 $0.76 $0.06 3.14%
18—24 $1.14 $0.14 2.08%
25—34 $1.81 $0.12 1.5%
35—44 $2.71 $0.13 2.07%
45—54 $2.66 $0.1 3.91%
55—64 $4.34 $0.08 5.15%
65+ $3.42 $0.08 4.44%

In 2021, Q2 is almost the same as Q1 in terms of gender, but the CPM of men slightly exceeds that of women. The age began to change.

CPM prices are still the highest among people aged 55-64, and those aged 13-17 are the lowest; CPC prices have changed a lot, from the highest price for people aged 35-44 in Q1 to the highest price for people aged 18-24 in Q2. The reason for this change may be that students are on vacation from April to May, and the target audience is 18-24-year-old college students or graduates becoming the focus of advertisers advertising, and the competition is gradually fierce; CTR is still 55-64 years old The population of 13-17 years old is the highest, and the CTR of the 13-17-year-old population has increased by 1.31% compared to Q1.

Philippines Ads Placements Ranking in 2021 Q2

Placement Publisher CPM($) CPC($) CTR(%)
Facebook Groups Feed Facebook 0.79 0.06 5.93
Facebook Search Results Facebook 1.21 0.06 4.42
Audience Network Rewarded Videos Audience Network 5.24 0.26 4.16
Facebook In-Stream Videos Facebook 2.61 0.24 2.65
Facebook News Feed Facebook 2.8 0.11 2.49
Audience Network Classic Audience Network 2.09 0.14 2.31
Facebook Stories Facebook 2.21 0.14 2.29
Facebook Video Feeds Facebook 0.7 0.06 2.09
Facebook News Feed Instagram 2.07 0.37 1.69
Facebook Instant Articles Facebook 0.86 0.06 1.32
Messenger Stories Messenger 2.01 0.28 1.28
Instagram Explore Instagram 0.88 0.27 1.16
Facebook Marketplace Facebook 1.11 0.1 1.15
Instagram Stories Instagram 1.62 0.17 0.93
Facebook Right Column Facebook 0.34 0.12 0.6
Messenger Inbox Messenger 0.75 0.28 0.5

The price changes of ad placement positions in Q2 2021:

CTR is generally elevated, which is a good sign. Among them, Facebook Groups Feed has become the place with the highest conversion rate, and it does not have very high CPM and CPC prices. It is one of the best choices for advertisers. The reason is simple. Facebook Groups is a community with a clear orientation. Advertisers can recruit relevant communities on Facebook based on their business positioning and place ads on them, so as to maximize the value of ads.

Advertising costs of CPC, CPM, and CTR in the Philippines in Q3 2021

The Philippines’ Facebook advertising price and conversion rate CTR continued to rise in Q3 2021. From the visualization trend chart of ADCostly, CTR reached a peak on August 15 and slowly decreased over time. CPM and CPC prices have been slowly rising.

$2.17 $0.19 2.37%
UP 42% UP 27% UP 36%

Philippines Gender&Age Ads Cost in 2021 Q3





Male $2.16 $0.2 2.16%
Female $2.24 $0.14 3.18%


13—17 $0.76 $0.06 2.88%
18—24 $1.56 $0.16 2.04%
25—34 $2.16 $0.2 2.26%
35—44 $2.58 $0.18 2.96%
45—54 $2.94 $0.14 4.3%
55—64 $3.7 $0.12 6.54%
65+ $3.22 $0.1 5.88%

In Q3 of 2021, the CPM price and CTR of Facebook ads for Filipino women surpassed that of men, and the price of CPC for men surpassed that of women.

The price of CPM is higher for older people, but the price of CPM for people aged 55-64 is higher than that for people 65+ years old.

The CPC price is the highest for people aged 25-34 and the lowest among people aged 13-17 and 65+.

The CTR of the 18-24-year-old population is the highest, as high as 6.54%; the 18-24-year-old population has the lowest CTR, which is 2.04%.

Philippines Ads Placements Ranking in 2021 Q3

Placement Publisher CPM($) CPC($) CTR(%)
Facebook Groups Feed Facebook 0.65 0.02 3
Audience Network Rewarded Videos Audience Network 3.06 0.16 1.92
Facebook Search Results Facebook 0.68 0.04 1.91
Audience Network Classic Audience Network 1.09 0.08 1.44
Facebook News Feed Facebook 1.19 0.09 1.37
Facebook Marketplace Facebook 0.46 0.04 1.3
Facebook In-Stream Videos Facebook 1.44 0.12 1.23
Facebook Instant Articles Facebook 0.46 0.04 1.06
Facebook Stories Facebook 0.99 0.1 1.02
Facebook In-Stream Videos Audience Network 2.2 0.23 0.94
Facebook News Feed Instagram 1.82 0.2 0.92
Facebook Video Feeds Facebook 0.43 0.05 0.84
Instagram Explore Instagram 0.85 0.11 0.75
Instagram Stories Instagram 0.96 0.15 0.64
Messenger Stories Messenger 0.79 0.13 0.59
Facebook Right Column Facebook 0.16 0.06 0.27
Messenger Inbox Messenger 0.38 0.15 0.25

In 2021, the conversion rate of Facebook Groups Feed declined in Q3, but it still ranked first. CTR in other locations has dropped.

Forecast The Philippines Advertising Costs in 2022

In 2022, the Internet market will flourish and more companies will join in. This is reflected in the fact that marketers are allocating more advertising budgets to digital media. In 2022, BIA predicts for the first time that in the local market, advertising revenue allocated to mobile devices will exceed any other media, including direct mail.

The beginning of the epidemic has promoted the development of mobile networks. Internet habits are about to shift from PC to mobile, and the number of active mobile users will continue to grow. Advertisers need to remind themselves at all times when creating advertisements to make them suitable for mobile users' reading.

In 2022, advertising spending in the Philippines will continue to grow, and Facebook advertising will still be the first choice for social media marketing.

Always pay attention to ADCostly's Facebook ad price trends, and adjust the ad placement and direction in time.

Tips to reduce the cost of Facebook advertising——Improve the relevance score of ads

The relevance score is officially given by Facebook to help advertisers judge the effectiveness of their advertising.

In short, the lower your ad relevance score, the smaller the area of your ad and the target audience, the worse the effect; on the contrary, the better your ad effect.

So how to improve the relevance score of ads?

  • Target your target audience more precisely, instead of expanding the scope without a target. AdTargeting provides you with a Facebook audience through keywords.
  • The style of advertising content should match your audience's preferences.
  • Change your creativity frequently. BigSpy has the most comprehensive library of creatives, and can also monitor the advertising of other advertisers.
  • Carry out A/B test and adjust strategy to create ads with the best conversion rate.
  • Avoid advertising content that violates site policies.

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