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All signs in 2021 prove that web advertising is booming. The Statista report predicts that the global web advertising market spending will grow from USD 226.6 billion in 2017 to USD 464.73 billion in 2022.
In global comparison, most ad spending will be generated in the United States (US$190,426m in 2021).

Statista predicts that in the web advertising market in 2025, 68% of total advertising expenditures will be generated via mobile. The web advertising market is expected to show an ad spending growth of 1.1% in the programmatic segment in 2022. In the web advertising market, 85% of the web advertising revenue will be generated through programmatic advertising in 2025.

Therefore, web advertising has become a trend. Advertisers from all walks of life have focused on the Internet market, which means that saving advertising costs has become one of the key needs of advertisers.

5 Keys To Reduce Web Advertising Costs

Reasonable Allocation of Advertising Channels

For advertisers, the first step in promotion is to find a media platform that matches the characteristics of their products. The marketing direction is correct, and the marketing effect will be significant. Here are the three most commonly used channels by advertisers:

As the largest overseas social media platform, Facebook covers a wide range of ages and has a large user base, making it the first choice for social media marketing. Facebook has the most comprehensive user portrait group globally. It can accurately find those interested in your services/products in the market, which is particularly critical in marketing.

Check out the Facebook advertising cost report for 2021:
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Facebook ads mainly include:

  • Link Click Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Picture Ads
  • Boosted Posts
  • Mobile App Download Ads
  • Desktop App DownloAds
  • Event Ads
  • Local Awareness Ads
  • Offer Claim Ads
  • Carousel Ads
  • Dynamic Product Ads
  • Page like Ads
  • Page Post Image Ads
  • Page Post Video Ads
  • Page Post Text Ads

So many types of advertisements can meet the comprehensive needs of advertisers. Therefore, Facebook ads are particularly attractive to both novice and experienced advertisers for three main reasons:

1. Increase the number of visits by active users

According to data, Facebook has more than 2 billion monthly active users, and these users spend more time on Facebook than other social networks. In addition, Facebook also has two popular mobile apps, Messenger and Instagram, and Facebook advertisers can access these two apps through its advertising platform. This will bring a lot of active traffic to your landing page.

2. Locate customers based on Facebook's user statistics, interests, and behaviors

Facebook has the largest user profile database in the world. All the preferences and foundations shown by users on Facebook and Instagram have been created into detailed information, which advertisers can use through targeted advertising. Facebook can most accurately target the advertiser's ideal audience.

3. Build brand awareness

Most companies have public Facebook and/or Instagram pages that are used to connect with fans and customers on social media. When you decide to place paid ads on Facebook and Instagram, you can set it up as a social page from your brand. This usually increases brand exposure and new followers for your company and is one of the benefits of advertising on social platforms.

2) Google Ads:

As the world's largest search engine, Google has a unique advantage in terms of traffic. Google Ads can help you find relevant groups with the help of Google’s traffic dividends. Google advertising generally has six forms:

  • Google Search Ads >> Attract interested users who already have demand, suitable for most companies
  • Google Display Advertising >> Brand Exposure + Specific Demographic Marketing
  • Google Shopping Ads >> E-commerce independent station is the most suitable
  • YouTube Advertising >> Brand Exposure + Specific Demographic Marketing
  • Gmail Advertising >> Brand Exposure + Specific Group Marketing
  • APP Advertising >> Increase the popularity and downloads of APP

Each type of advertisement has its characteristics and can be used in conjunction with its own marketing goals and needs.

3) YouTube Ads

According to data from Statista, the number of YouTube users reached 2,291 million in July this year, making it the world's second most active social media platform.

According to marketing needs, YouTube ads are mainly divided into three types:

  • Brand exposure: Bumper Ads, Non-Skippable In-Stream Ads, and Masthead Ads.
  • Product or service consideration stage: Skippable Ads and Discovery Ads.
  • Take action (such as website visits, consultation, and purchase): Skippable Ads, this form of advertising is used to increase website visits, website consultation, and product purchases. It is also the most common form of advertising.

Of course, YouTube is the video social platform with the most traffic. The method of inviting KOL/KOC with a large fan base to promote products or brands is also very effective.

Perform A Comprehensive Advertising Cost Analysis to Adjust Bids

Bidding may be a factor often overlooked by advertisers, but it has a great influence on the promotion effect because bidding can directly affect the number of impressions, and the amount of impressions is the first step to achieve conversion. Like air.
Problems that can be solved by adjusting bidding: Common bidding methods are CPM and CPC.

CPM: The full name is Cost Per Mille, which calculates charges based on thousands of exposures.

CPC: The full name is Cost Per Click, which is charged according to the number of clicks, and a cost is counted for one click.

The CPM billing method generates costs in the exposure step, and the CPC billing method generates costs in the click step. Therefore, referring to the CPM and CPC advertising data values of each country/category is a prerequisite for setting bidding. From ADCostly, we can search for different types of advertising prices in 25 countries in any date range.

For example, check the RPG advertising prices in the United States this year: CPM and CPC prices have both increased by more than 60% compared to the same period last year. According to the visual trend chart, the prices of CPM and CPC are likely to continue to rise. This is a reference to remind advertisers that it is best not to place Facebook RPG ads during this period, and try to choose moderately priced regions or other types of ads to reduce investment.

Create Creative Advertising Content

This is the first step that can be clicked after the ad is displayed. Maybe it will consume a lot of manpower and energy, but it is worth it. You have to believe that the more you invest, the greater the return.

Good advertising creativity is divided into a copywriting part and a visual presentation part.

Copywriting part

Good copywriting is logical, guiding, and resonant. Not only can it attract consumers' attention, but it can also stimulate consumers' desire to buy. We can start from the nine points of product features, user sentiments, consumption scenarios, celebrity endorsements, product prices, usage trends, and social hot spots to directly poke the pain points of users.

This is not useless work. Many advertisers always put the cart before the horse, focusing on the investment in promotion and not paying attention to the creative aspect. The result of this is to search on the Internet and continue to complain, saying that I have paid so much why I can't get a return. (Of course a small number of people)

Maybe you and your employees have exhausted their inspiration and have no direction for creating advertisements. You can browse those advertisements that have worked well to see how they do it and what elements are desirable.

Visual presentation part

Advertisers can make eye-catching creatives from three aspects: color, style, and elements.

Styles-online advertisements usually have large images, three images, single images, and video styles, which can be selected according to the needs of customers. The big picture and three-picture styles of image materials are more favored by advertisers and can be emphatically considered.

Colors-The color matching of the pictures should conform to the brand tone, and be clear, eye-catching, and impactful to create visual appeal to consumers to achieve clicks.

Color recommendations: brand VI colors, contrast colors, similar colors, festive colors, etc.

Elements: The elements used in the picture materials should be those that the customer has copyright. You can also choose self-portraits or pictures that do not require copyright; the characters in the materials should not use celebrities and celebrities without endorsements. Pay attention to copyright issues!

Target Your Audience as Accurately as Possible

The more accurate your audience is, the more ad visits may be. They will not only click on the ad but also share it with other audiences who are interested in the content. If the audience is too broad, the click-through rate and conversion rate will not be directly proportional to reach. In addition, the audience is defined as imprecise, and your advertising competition and bids will be higher than targeting precise audiences.

The first indicator to delimit the audience is "the country". You need to consider the CPC and CPM price and the difficulty of the keywords in your advertisement in each country. This will not only give you a price reference but also help you to filter keywords.

Let us continue to use RPG as an example to analyze the number of audiences, CPM, and CPC cost of each relevant keyword in different countries. Countries with a high audience and low advertising costs are the most suitable regions for advertising.

Adjust The Ad Placement to Get a Higher Click-Through Rate

The increase in click-through rate is related to the quality of the content, the location of the ad display, and the time node. The above describes the importance of the content quality of the advertisement to the click-through rate of the advertisement, followed by the position where the advertisement is displayed. It needs to be displayed in suitable advertising space in a suitable form in order to have a positive impact on the click-through rate.

For example, if your advertising is in the form of pictures, then Instagram and Facebook are more suitable for you; if it is in the form of videos, YouTube is more suitable for you.

Precisely because of the importance of advertising space, advertisers are increasingly robbing popular positions. But does the higher the price of the advertising space bring the higher the click-through rate? ADCostly uses the data to tell you that it is not.

We set the date range from January 1st of this year to the present, and observe that the average CTR for RPG advertisements this year is 1.17%. Then we have a standard, the CTR of the advertising space should not be lower than 1.17%.

According to this benchmark, the advertising spots that exceed the average CTR are the top five in the above figure. This is not over yet. In order to spend the money on the cutting edge, we'd better choose the two lowest-priced advertising spots and test the effect.

In 2021, online advertising will be able to bring more and more ideal exposure to enterprises, and the correct saving of advertising costs will enable enterprises to achieve results beyond expectations.