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Facebook Page is created specifically to promote business, brand, or other business reasons. Usually an individual can open a Page on his Personal Profile, and then he can manage the Facebook Page through his personal identity. Because Pages are mainly designed for commercial use, they have many functions that are not available in Personal Profile, including analysis, advertising, and management of posts that you want to publish.

As individuals, most of the content of our account when using Facebook is composed of personal data.However, if you want to build your own business page on social networks, you need to create a Page.Facebook’s business page is equivalent to your business profile.The page looks similar to the profile page, but it only applies to specific information about businesses and organizations.When someone connects to a profile by adding it as a friend, you can connect with the business page by "like" and becoming a fan.If you create a profile for your own business rather than a webpage, you may be at risk of being shut down by Facebook.

Different pages of Facebook can provide different types of ads, so advertisers can refer to Facebook ad prices in different dimensions in ADCostly.In this article, we’ll use this information to provide you Facebook Ad cost averages for Q2 2021.

Facebook Ad cost averages for Q2 2021

Q2 2021 Overview of Advertising Costs in Business Categories

The price data of CPM, CPC and CTR of the business page advertisement of Q2 2021 are shown as follows:

CPM is $7.49, which is 57% higher than Q1.

CPC is $0.7, which is 169% higher than Q1.

The CTR is 2.01%. , Which is 10% lower than Q1. Maybe we can see it more clearly with the trend graph.

Through ADCostly's change trend chart, we can clearly see that the CPM and CTR prices of business page ads in Q2 2021 have risen significantly, and CPC remains stable. What can be given to advertisers is that it is expected that in Q3, CPC advertising may be more cost-effective than CPM and CTR advertising.

According to the data of The Latest Facebook Advertising Cost by Category [2021 Update], the advertising cost of Business is in the lower-middle price of other types of advertising, indicating that Business advertising is still a potential advertising page that advertisers can explore.

Q2 2021 Business Category Age, Gender Cost Analysis

The CPM situation is as follows:

From the perspective of gender, there is no obvious difference between the CPM prices of male and female business advertisements. Women are slightly taller.

In terms of age, the CPM price is the lowest for the 13-17 year old audience, and the highest for the 65+ year old audience.

The CPC situation is as follows:

From the perspective of gender, the CPC price difference between male and female business advertisements is $0.16, and males are higher than females.

From the perspective of age, the CPC price for the 18-24 year old audience is the lowest, indicating that young people in this age group have a great demand for corporate information, and 65+ is still the group with the highest CPC price.

The CTR situation is as follows:

From the perspective of gender, the CTR price difference between male and female business advertisements is $0.5. Females are slightly higher, and the higher prices indicate lower conversion rates.

From the perspective of age, the 13-17 year old audience has the lowest CTR price, and the 65+ CTR price is the highest.

This is a rule. When we observe other types of advertising, we can also find that advertising costs are generally the lowest for people aged 13-17 and 18-24, and 65+ is always the highest. Therefore, young people are the most important target for advertisers, because they are curious about everything on the Internet, and the trendy advertising style will attract them to convert more.

Q2 2021 Business Category Placements Cost Analysis

The most expensive/cheapest placement of CPM ads on Facebook:

According to data from ADCostly, Facebook In-Stream Videos, Facebook Search Results, and Messenger Stories are the three most expensive placement for CPM. They are $24.21, $15.61, and $10.37.The higher the CPM, the higher the bidding success rate and the greater the exposure. So we need to be good at using CPM's price leverage.

First of all, we need to know the importance of layout position. As the data shows, the layout positions with the highest advertising costs are generally the ones that are easiest to see when we use Facebook. The exposure rate it can achieve has unlimited potential, so these positions are always the most popular placement positions for advertisers. At the same time, we can see from the data that although this popular page has the highest advertising price, they can also achieve a high conversion rate, which is why we must pay attention to these pages. Sometimes, the more you invest, the more you can get.

The three lowest-priced placements include: Facebook Instant Articles, Audience Network Classic and Facebook Video Feeds, which are $1.18, $2.4 and $2.49 respectively.

The most expensive/cheapest placement of CPC ads on Facebook:

According to data from ADCostly, Facebook In-Stream Videos, Audience Network Rewarded Videos and Facebook News Feed have the highest CPC prices. The higher the CPC, the more intense the competition for these placements and the greater the traffic.

The three lowest-priced placements include Facebook Instant Articles、Facebook Video Feeds and Facebook Stories which are $0.18, $0.21 and $0.24 respectively.

The most expensive/cheapest placement of CTR ads on Facebook:

According to data from ADCostly,Still the same, Facebook Search Results, Facebook In-Stream Video and Messenger Stories are the top three conversion rates, and they are the first choice for advertisers when they choose to launch.

The layout locations with the lowest ad conversion rates are Messenger Inbox, Facebook Video Feeds, and Audience Network Rewarded Videos in Q2 2021. And they are not the locations with the lowest CPC and CPM prices, advertisers can try not to choose these uneconomical locations.

Q2 2021 Business Category Country Cost Analysis

From a national perspective, the countries with the highest CPM costs in Q2 2021 are the United States, Macau, and Hong Kong. But it can be seen that the price difference between the United States and other countries is huge.

Indeed, Facebook has millions of advertisers competing for advertising space, and advertising costs have naturally risen sharply. But it has to be said that the United States has a large population and strong consumption power, and everyone does not want to give up the huge profits here, so they are all rushing to grab a limited advertising space.

The CPC situation is different from the CPM situation. Russia has become the country with the highest CPC advertising costs, followed by the United States and the United Kingdom. The cost of CPC in Russia is nearly double the average CPC.

CPC is one of the most common metrics. When displaying advertisements, when others are watching, they basically want to click on the next page after seeing the advertisement. It may be your website or fan professional.

A Click means that someone saw the advertisement and clicked on the link you displayed. So when we analyze the effectiveness, we will know from the CPC that the average cost of the advertisement to buy a website visitor, the lower the CPC, the more efficient the budget.

CTR is the highest in Canada and Egypt, and their CPC and CPM prices are not high, advertisers can consider these countries more.CTR can be used to measure the attractiveness of the creative.

A high CTR means that people who see the ad have a higher chance of clicking on your website. This may be a relationship that your material is attractive enough to make people interested after seeing the ad. Stop and click on the ad. At this time, you can observe the advantages of ads with high CTR compared with ads with low CTR that are more prominent and can be retained.

Business Category Place Interest word Recommendation

Interest words are the key points used by advertisers to broaden the scope of the audience and clarify the direction of the promotion content. Because each type of advertisement has its own words of interest, users search or browse an advertisement because the words of interest are of interest to them. Therefore, interest word research has become a focus of advertisers' research.

ADCostly includes almost all regular interest words. Searching based on different types of category words can not only get the audience number, CPC and CPM cost of these interest words, but also their difficulty (the greater the difficulty of the interest words, the more intense the competition. )

Type in any keyword related to your market, and see how it performs. ADCostly offers insights into the audience volume (by countries), CPM & CPC (trend), and KD.

According to data from ADCostly, Business and industry has the widest audience and the lowest difficulty for business related interest words. It has an audience of 1.88 billion, with an average CPM of $7.97 and an average CPC of $0.43. India and the United States have the largest audience for this interest term. The average CPM in India is $1.8 and the average CPC is 0.32; the average CPM in the United States is $13.34 and the average CPC is $0.56. Obviously, India is more cost-effective than the United States for advertising costs related to the word Business and industry.

ADCostly provides two types of results. “Related Interests” are those that include your keyword in the text. And “Suggestions” are interests that have a similar or overlapped market with your keywords.Through these words, we can do market research more comprehensively.

Management is a good suggestion. It is not difficult and has an audience of 390.89M. However, its CPC and CPM costs are higher than the average, and advertisers need to consider more and adjust their budgets reasonably.


After understanding the Q2 2021 Business advertising cost benchmark, we must also learn to optimize our advertising strategy based on changes in data. Data is not only when it is completed, it will constantly change. Only by learning to meet these changes can the meaning of these data be revealed.

As we mentioned before, conditions including the gender and age of the audience, ad display location, country and region, and keywords will all affect the cost of advertisers paying for Facebook ads. If you want to reduce the overall cost of Facebook advertising, we recommend optimizing your Target audience, improve your advertising relevance indicators, and study the latest bidding strategies for beginners!