Advertising campaign | What is the cost of successful advertising?

Successful advertising campaigns often have very obvious characteristics: excellent advertising budget schemes, efficient ROI conversion rates, solid advertising distribution channels and so on. The current advertising routines are the same, but not everyone can make a successful advertising campaign. Next is an accurate analysis of successful advertising campaigns summarized by ADCostly.

What is the cost of successful advertising?

Top1 campaign costs in different countries

Country CTA Date Range Impression CTR(%) CPC($) CPM($)
1517M <0.5 ≈11.5 ≈32
India INSTALL MOBILE APP 2020-01-23 –
12565M <0.5 <0.5 ≈2
Canada INSTALL MOBILE APP 2020-01-30 –
314M <0.5 ≈7.5 ≈17
Japan INSTALL MOBILE APP 2020-03-26 –
274M <0.5 ≈2.5 ≈6
Australia INSTALL MOBILE APP 2020-01-30 –
197M <0.5 ≈9.0 ≈25

The table above shows the top1 campaign costs in five countries: US, India, Canada, Japan, and Australia. Based on the above data, we can summarize the following rules:

  • The CTA settings in the top1 campaigns of the five countries are all “INSTALL MOBILE APP”
  • India is the highest visited country, and Impression will be 10 to 100 times higher than other countries
  • CTR of top1 campaign in all five countries is below 0.5
  • CPC varies greatly from country to country, with a maximum of $ 11.5 and a minimum of less than $ 0.5
  • CPM varies greatly in different countries, the highest is US, the CPM value is $ 32, the lowest is India, and the CPM value is $ 2

The setting of CTA is universal. In the era of rapid development of mobile phone technology, app has become a hot topic, so “INSTALL MOBILE APP” will be a good CTA setting. If you are also doing app advertising, you may wish to try this CTA. Impression has a large data gap in various countries. It is very helpful for our advertising. If we are to obtain page views, we can go to India, because they have more Impression, which will be much better than other countries. CTR does not exceed 0.5% in each country, so in terms of conversion rate, it can be seen that each country is not very easy. For CPC and CPM, there is a large gap between different countries. Therefore, when we conduct advertising budgets, we must consider different countries, and the same advertising budget in different countries will also be very different.

Top1 campaign costs for different Publishers

Publisher Country CTA Date Range Impression CTR(%) CPC($) CPM($)
Facebook India INSTALL MOBILE APP 2020-01-23 –
8534M ≈0.5 <0.5  ≈2 
Instagram Russia INSTALL MOBILE APP 2020-01-23 –
2135M <0.5 ≈2.0 ≈4
Audience Network India INSTALL MOBILE APPSIGN UP 2020-01-23 –
1532M ≈0.5 <0.5 ≈2
Messenger Egypt INSTALL MOBILE APP 2020-03-26 -2020-04-12 10765M <0.5 <0.5 ≈2

Facebook currently provides four platforms for advertising, namely Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network, and Messenger. Facebook is our most common platform. At present, Instagram is constantly developing and becoming the new strongest force. According to the above data, we can summarize the following rules:

  • The “INSTALL MOBILE APP” is set in the CTA settings of the four Publisher’s Top1 campaign
  • India is the country with the most stations among the four publishers
  • Impression data is quite different, and publishers with high data are mainly Facebook and Messenger
  • CPC and CPM are not very different from Publisher

India is a big country for advertising browsing. India occupies two positions among the four platforms. Advertisers who did not consider India for ad placement may try the ad placement in India. The setting of CTA is still “INSTALL MOBILE APP” at the top of the list, “SIGN UP” appears in CTA in Audience Network, maybe it is also a good idea. Impression will also have a larger gap for different Publishers. Audience Network’s current advertising performance will still be relatively poor, and further development is needed. In terms of CTR, we can see that Facebook and Audience Network are close to 0.5%. Although Audience Network’s Impression is low, the conversion rate is quite good, and a small number of tests can be verified.

How to make reasonably budget advertising costs?

Pay attention to changes in advertising market prices

To make a successful advertising case, we have to study the architectural budget of the successful case, continue to pay attention to the average cost of the advertising market, and understand the average cost data can have a direct reference for our advertising budget.


For example, I need to make an Instagram ad, then I need to check the average CPC, CPM, and CTR of Instagram in different countries when making an advertising budget. These data can be viewed in ADCostly, and different data can be obtained through different filter settings. In addition, you also need to view the top campaign budget data and compare the gap between your budget and excellent cases.

At the same time, after the ad is officially launched, it is also necessary to regularly check the data effect, and the data comparison with the budget should be followed up in time. After the advertising marketing is over, we will compare the data with the excellent cases and analyze what areas we need to improve in this advertising, and reflect on the problems to make better progress.

View related YouTube video instruction

Many people do advertising marketing but have not received systematic teaching. They are trying to move forward when advertising, but the advertising effect is very bad. When we are carrying out an activity, we must first make the most adequate preparations. After we understand the matter thoroughly, the effect will be much better if we go back to action.

View related YouTube video instruction

When we are advertising budgets, we can go to professional websites to buy teaching courses, of course, this requires a certain cost. We can also view related videos on YouTube. A lot of advertisers will show their marketing experience on it. Perhaps they explain what we lack. And they are real ad serving practitioners. They know where to pay special attention when advertising is placed, and they also know how to make reasonable arrangements to maximize ROI. When you are at a loss, why not search for it.

Advertising outsourcing

If you are a boss who knows nothing about advertising budgets and has some free funds, it is better to use advertising outsourcing companies. Tell your thoughts, your products, and your needs to the specialized responsible companies and let them carry out professional advertising and marketing. We only need to prepare the funds and look at the advertising benefits with confidence.

Of course, this method may cost more money, but this method reduces the investment risk to a minimum, and a professional advertising budget will maximize our advertising effectiveness. Common advertising outsourcing companies include Kaiman Bros., WorkReduce, etc.


A successful advertising campaign requires us to learn excellent cases from various countries and platforms. Mastering core CPC, CPM, and CTR data can make our advertising budget more confident. Under the current severe epidemic situation, we should make preparations in various aspects and formulate a reasonable advertising budget. I hope everyone can survive this difficult period.