Average CTR for Facebook ads shows how to do good advertising marketing

Advertising is a thing that every advertiser often does, but how effective is the advertising? Have we really delivered or converted? How can we better improve the CTR of advertising?

ADCostly is an advertising cost analysis tool. It can intuitively show us the average CTR of the marketing market. We can use this as an evaluation standard to measure our advertising CTR. Of course, there are audience analysis views and excellent advertising case views, which have better reference and thinking expansion for advertising.

The first quarter of 2020 is about to pass. Let’s take a look at the CTR data in the first quarter. I believe this will be of great help to you.

2020 latest Facebook average CTR statistics summary

Publisher Insight

  Max CTR Min CTR Trend
Facebook 1.90% 0.94% The data is stable before 2020.3.2, the data drops after 3.2,
the latest date is the lowest point of the data
Instagram 0.62% 0.30% Data is stable
Audience Network 1.70% 0.84% The data rises before March 16th, 2020, and the data suddenly
drops after March 3. The latest date is the lowest point
Messenger 0.61% 0.36% The data is stable, the overall trend is downward

We can see that different publishers have different data, but in general, the data has a downward trend, which is also closely related to the epidemic we are facing. At present, the advertising market is generally in a state of sluggishness, advertising is becoming less and less valuable, and the conversion rate of advertising is also very low.

Category Insight

  Max CTR Min CTR Trend
Non-Gaming Apps 1.25% 0.78% The data is stable and the overall trend is declining
Gaming Apps 1.59% 0.67% Data is stable
eCom 3.37% 1.74% The data fluctuates greatly, rising first, then falling and
then rising
Web  3.39% 0.72% The data fluctuates and rises first, and the number starts
to drop suddenly on 2020.2.10
Page 5.51% 2.34% Data fluctuates and the overall trend is declining

There are also different CTR situations in different categories, but it is still the same. The overall situation is in a downward trend, but the overall situation here is much better than the publisher. The change of category data is relatively flat. Perhaps the reference of the data here will be more helpful when we advertise.

Countries / Area Insight

  Max CTR Min CTR Trend
United States. 1.41% 0.84% Data fluctuates and the overall situation is stable
Taiwan 1.64% 0.96% Data fluctuates and the overall situation is stable
Indie 1.27% 0.66% Data declines gently
Korea 3.17% 0.61% The data first rises and then falls, with a steady state
in the middle
Germary 1.23% 0.37% The data is stable and the overall trend is declining

The CTR situation in different countries is very different. The advertising strategies of different countries are different. For example, the overall CTR in the United States is about 1.2%, and the CTR situation in Korea will be unstable. We need to constantly based on Real-time data for the best time period of delivery work. Only 5 countries are listed here. If you need more specific CTR conditions, you can go to ADCostly to select your own filter to view.

CTA Insight

  Max CTR Min CTR Trend
Install Mobile App 1.05% 0.78% Data declines steadily
Play Game 1.00% 0.52% The data fluctuates, drops suddenly, then rises, then falls
Download 0.94% 0.53% The data is flat and the overall trend is declining
Learn More 3.35% 0.77% Data declines gently
Sign Up 1.60% 0.63% The data is in the shape of “Ω”, rising first and then falling

The setting of the CTA button will also lead to different conversion rates. For example, “Buy Now” and “Free Experience” will have different benefits. When setting the CTA button, we must think from the perspective of the user. In the above data, “Learn “More” is a very good CTA setting button. For more CTA button names, you can go directly to ADCostly, and you can also see the CTR status. This will be a nice surprise for us to set up our own ads.

Two reasons for low CTR

CTR calculation formula: ad clicks ÷ ad impressions = click-through rate

The first reason for the low CTR is that there are too few impressions. We placed ads but did not place them in the right place and did not show them in front of our audience. As a result, there were too few impressions and the clickthrough rate would naturally not High, CTR will be very low.

The second reason for the low CTR is the high display volume and low number of clicks. The main reason for this situation is that the advertising content does not hit the user ’s pain points, and the user does not have an interest in our products, and naturally will not become our product users. .

How to improve the CTR of advertising?

In response to the two reasons for the low CTR, we here propose a solution to the low CTR.

For the problem of low advertising impressions, we need to delve into the advertising audience and keywords. Accurate advertising audiences can allow us to directly listen to users’ voices, and the use of high-traffic keywords can bring us closer to users.

Accurate targeting of advertising audience

We will have the option of selecting the audience when advertising, if we choose at will, it is easy to cause the user to be out of alignment, which will waste the number of impressions we have spent in exchange for money. Facebook provides us with the Facebookinsight tool for user audience selection, but in the actual use process we found that he is not very useful, it can only provide us with 25 interest words, which is for us to find suitable interest words in thousands of vocabulary The effect is almost negligible. We need to expand to larger and broader related interest words, and analyze the behavior habits of a large audience to make better audience selection.

AdTargeting is a Facebook advertising audience analysis tool, which solves the limitation of Facebookinsight can only provide 25 interest words, while bringing us a new display style, Facebookinsight can only provide blue and white data, AdTargeting is available in a variety of colors Give us detailed data analysis. AdTargeting can complete the following functions:

  • Unlimited expansion of interest words
  • Interest word audience details
  • Data such as male to female ratio, educational background, country distribution, etc. are displayed in the form of graphs
  • Page display related to interest words to better expand advertising channels

A reasonable analysis of the advertising audience will increase our conversion rate by 50%. On the other hand, we will learn to use high-traffic keywords.

Use of high-traffic keywords

When we advertise, we always need to choose a tag. Perhaps our tags are all vocabulary related to our products, but in fact these words do not have much traffic. In other words, our users search for our products and It is not searched by these words, so we need to explore the search behavior of users, find the keywords they often use, and we can quickly connect to our users.

Aherf is a seo optimization tool, it can track the flow of specific pages, and at the same time you can check the popularity of keywords. Use the Keywords explorer function, enter the keywords we need, we can see his traffic situation, if the vocabulary traffic we search is not very large, we can click having same terms to view related interest word traffic, here we can choose Vocabulary with high traffic difficulty and low difficulty. Of course, if the traffic is very heavy, the difficulty will be relatively high. We can choose according to our industry and specific circumstances.

High-traffic keywords will solve a large part of the problem of not reaching users. High-traffic keywords are the bridge between us and users.

For the second reason for the low advertising CTR, our response is to optimize the advertising copy. How to write our product features into the minds of users is our goal!

Advertising copy optimization

In terms of advertising copy, we can start from two perspectives. The first perspective is the user’s pain point. We first as an ordinary user, then what kind of problem will we encounter, and how can our products reasonably solve this problem. Starting from this idea, we can make the most attractive advertising copy, and think about what the users think, we can reap the rewards.

The second angle is to learn to grasp the current hot issues, which can be the current popular music, can be the current favorite stars, can also be a stalk in a film and television work, for example, the ad to pay tribute to friends is a very good idea .

Advertising copy looks at products on the one hand and the value generated by our own creativity on the other. I hope you can feel it.


We conducted a detailed analysis of the average CTR of advertising in the first quarter of 2020 in different dimensions, and at the same time, we gave specific strategies for everyone to improve CTR, hoping to help everyone in advertising marketing. Of course, the indicators we are concerned about are not only CTR, we also need to pay attention to the situation of CPC and CPM. If you need to know the situation of CPC, you can check this article. More useful content will be brought to you in the next blog.