Latest Fashion Ads Analysis In 2021

Current State of Fashion Ads

The 2020 fashion advertising report shows that 69% of Americans have online shopping experience, and 59% of these consumers bought a piece of clothing. Fashion advertising still occupies a very large market position, but it often due to clothing size and fabric reasons, there will be a large number of returns, which also leads to the fact that fashion and clothing business owners are afraid of their feet. Clothing sellers should limit the number of sales to prevent malicious purchases.

In terms of advertising, small fashion companies trying to compete with well-known brands should focus on the content, cost, keywords, and audience situation of the advertisements, and ensure the effectiveness of advertising in the advertising. Ready to explore fashion advertising strategies to develop your business in the best way? Read this article to the end.

Fashion Ads Example

Excellent advertising content can maximize the conversion rate of advertising, but often we can not make good advertising content that audiences like. We need to constantly study the content of our competitors’ ads to find out user tonality and create better ad campaigns.

Here are some examples of fashion ads on Facebook and why they work:

Why it works: Ad copy with holiday as the main content tends to have a higher click-through rate, and Christmas ads always bring more surprises to people. Linking fashion and festivals together can achieve a rapid increase in ROI. However, holiday advertisements are greatly affected by time, and it is often necessary to start preparation and testing one month in advance. Once the holiday is over, the advertisement loses its effectiveness. Therefore, it is necessary to grasp the appropriate time of delivery.

Why it works: Animated advertisements often have the longest browsing time, and animation can attract viewers’ attention through cute images in a short time. Adding product information to a simple and effective animation plot can increase the purchase rate of the product. Of course, you need to implant it reasonably to allow the audience to make purchases in joy.

Why it works: Ads with discounts are often noticed by audience advertisements. Deals and coupons also play an important role in the products consumers decide to buy. The survey found that nearly three-quarters (74%) of Americans say that asking price is the most important factor when deciding where to buy online goods. As long as you advertise and promote at any time, do it!

Why it works: Fashion-related drafts often represent the forefront of fashion. Using professional draft content as the entry point for advertising can better make viewers want to click. Good fashion content with a suitable CTA would be a very wise choice.

Fashion Ads Cost Analysis

Fashion advertising is often classified into three industry classifications: Personalization, Lifestyle, and Shopping. Facebook ads cost analysis tool-ADCostly summarizes the average cost of fashion ads in the three industries in 2020, and draws the following data chart.

Average CPC and CPM maintain the same trend in different industries. Lifestyle has the highest CPM and CPC among the three industries, and Personalization’s CPC and CPM are the lowest.

Different from CPC and CPM, CTR data in the three industries has undergone major changes. Personalization’s average CTR is 2.05%, ranking first; Lifestyle’s average CTR is 1.24%, ranking second; Shopping’s average CTR is 0.54%, ranking third.

Fashion Ads Interest Expansion

Below are 20 fashion-related interests on Facebook (and their average CPC/CPM/Audience)

Interest Audience CPM CPC
Shopping and fashion 1.87B $10.59  $0.60 
Fashion accessories 1.15B $11.13  $0.62 
Fashion (film) 426.23M $9.09  $0.41 
Fashion design 408.52M $11.50  $0.40 
Street fashion 160.20M $9.64  $0.51 
Fashion blog 109.68M $13.13  $0.74 
Fashion and Style 87.55M $9.28  $0.63 
Fashion week 55.68M $10.25  $0.64 
Hip hop fashion 54.78M $8.30  $0.52 
Fashion Bloggers 52.80M $8.78  $0.42 
Fashion and makeup 44.02M $7.87  $0.47 
Fashion & Beauty 42.67M $8.13  $0.47 
Style & Fashion 41.12M $10.58  $0.91 
Men’s Fashion 36.48M $11.64  $0.56 
List of fashion magazines 33.66M $12.64  $0.71 
Fashion show 32.63M $13.18  $0.73 
Women’s fashion 30.63M $18.12  $0.81 
Sportswear (fashion) 28.19M $16.79  $0.74 
Beauty & Fashion 19.94M $5.94  $0.35 
Fashion (magazine) 19.32M $11.83  $0.76 

These interests are not only in the clothing industry, they include all categories of fashion. After detailed screening, we sorted out the following 9 interests related to fashion and clothing.

Interest Audience CPM CPC
Fashion Clothes 1.36M $8.58  $0.36 
Fashion design 408.52M $11.50  $0.40 
Vintage clothing 54.90M $12.64  $0.49 
Designer clothing 44.58M $7.08  $0.51 
Pakistani clothing 16.33M $10.09  $0.40 
african fashion 1.50M $6.60  $0.62 
Indo-Western clothing 1.28M $4.31  $0.98 
Marni (clothing) 890.55K $3.98  $0.55 
Fashion clothing 142.30K $7.14  $0.36 

Although most of these keywords are priced under $1, keep in mind that this is the price you pay every time someone clicks on your ad. This does not guarantee that visitors can also buy anything on your website thing. You also need to calculate the CPA, ROI and other indicators of the advertisement, and conduct a reasonable analysis. For more interests, you can use ADCostly to expand.

What’s Next?

In order to increase the ROI of fashion advertising, you really need to spend a lot of effort to learn advertising production and delivery. We believe that advertising optimization is the best way to achieve product promotion.

If you want to avoid high advertising costs and increase sales, please use ADCostly to analyze advertising costs in a timely manner. We always provide you with the latest advertising cost data. We will work with you to achieve the most reasonable optimization of fashion advertising.

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