Who is Shopify’s target audience?

If you are running a shopify, you must want to target audience quickly. But who is Shopify’s target audience? In this blog, I will quickly summarize the methods to acquire Shopify’s target audience, and use the easiest way to help you get Shopify’s target audience.

Steps to obtain Shopify target audience

  • 1. Determine the classification of the products you sell
  • 2. Determine the basic keywords and expand
  • 3. Unlimited access to Facebook interest words

Recognize product positioning

Whether it is during advertising or in the process of target audience acquisition, the first step we need to do is to recognize our product positioning. Perhaps you can ask yourself the following questions before starting:

  • What is the product function?
  • What kind of problems does the product solve for users?
  • Is the product attractive enough for users?
  • What is the age and gender distribution of the target users of the product?
  • If I am a user, will I make a purchase?

In short, you have to understand your products and audience enough, and at the same time consider the necessity of buying the product from the user’s perspective. In other words, where the user’s pain points are.

Determine the basic keywords and expand

After having enough knowledge about the product, it is necessary to expand the audience through tools. Before targeting the audience, we need to determine the keywords of our products. Generally, we can determine one keyword that best meets the product. For example, I am a fishing rod seller, so my keyword root is “fishing”. Next, we need to expand the keyword to get more keywords. Here are 9 ways to expand keywords. Let’s take “fishing” as an example. Let’s take a look.

  • Synonyms: switch similar expressions, such as “fishing” and “angling”
  • Related words: related information expansion, such as “fishing bait”, “fishing rod”, “fishing line”
  • Abbreviations and full names: not all keywords have abbreviations, but if there are, the two words can be distinguished
  • Summarization words: enlarge and summarize the product, such as “fishing leisure”, “fishing tool”
  • Country + keyword: specific to audiences in different countries, such as “American fishing”
  • Brand + keyword: Brand words have higher traffic and more audiences, such as “Z-Man Fishing”
  • Time + keyword: Add a time factor to the product, such as “the latest fishing rod in 2020”
  • Category + keyword: If your product can be applied to all industries, then you can consider this approach
  • Qualified or adjective + keyword: put on clothes for your product, such as “the cheapest fishing rod”

Through the above method, we can obtain 10-20 expansion words. These keywords contain our audience, but we need to verify this. Open the Audience section of ADCostly, we can search for the expansion of interest, so that we can get the number of audiences for each keyword. For example, if I enter “fishing” in the search bar, I can find that the interest has 327.68M audience, and the average CPM of the keyword is $8.17, and the average CPC is $0.42. 

Unlimited access to Facebook interests

We have obtained about 20 keywords through the above methods, so how to use these 20 keywords to expand hundreds of interests? It’s actually very simple. We also use ADCostly for audience interest expansion.

We enter “fishing” in the search bar, and we can see a lot of recommended words appear below. In addition to clicking on suggestions, you can get more interests. In this way, we have obtained the first batch of new interests. We can filter this batch of interests and collect our useful keywords. We repeat this operation to implement this step one by one for the above 20 keywords, so that we get more interests.

If such interests are not enough, you can repeat the operation and continue searching for the newly expanded interests, so that you can get more relevant interests, and your audience information will be mastered. It is worth mentioning that every search result has the average CPC, CPM of each interest and the data of each country. These have a very important impact on audience analysis and must not be ignored.


Obtaining the target audience in the fastest way can help you reduce a lot of advertising costs. In addition, ROI will also be greatly improved. Hope that some of the methods mentioned in this article will help you.