IOS14 announced the use of SKadnetwork 2.0 to replace IDFA

What impact will it bring to the advertising industry and advertising practitioners?
The first is the MMP data tracking platform. SKadnetwork cannot be accurate to the device level. Previously, the third-party tracking platform used to focus on the analysis of ROI and simultaneous sound data. Now there is no user level data. The function of MMP has been taken away overnight. Afraidingthat Guazi has been scared off all the various MMP platforms that have happily obtained financing. It is estimated that they are all talking to the Apple Store in full swing.

The technology of precise positioning and real-time bidding is not easy to do. The advertising platform is still that platform, that is, the eCPM is lower, and everyone can make less money together. After all, advertising is everywhere, and advertising is always available, which is still a strong demand. In addition, the author probably predicts that in terms of advertising format, banner advertising should once again flourish. Since it is not accurate, making money is still so important. Isn’t it a joy to sell large quantities of excellent banners to brand advertisers with shrinking budgets? Second, the major advertising platforms may open up new territories, such as OTT advertising, etc., breaking into more areas and expanding new revenue points.
Developers who sell traffic and monetize advertising into a profit model will also be affected. Seeing that precise sales are becoming more and more feasible, and the benefits of monetization are getting more and more substantial, they suddenly say that they can only sell blindly, and the value of traffic will suddenly jump foreseeably. Cliff fell. Although the buying and selling volume is a closed loop, it is cheap to sell, and it is also cheap to buy, but it is separated from the positioning and mixed with the brand advertising. It is difficult to acquire so many users at once, and the number of users cannot increase. Is the popularity of leisurely games still?
Secondly, there is also the SNS platform. FB thinks that I am self-contained. It is also very good to use FB log in without IDFA, but can FB really laugh by itself? The author is also very worried. FB is currently becoming a target of public criticism. Since the end of June, many top advertisers have suspended FB advertising. Many factories such as Microsoft have been urged by users to stop advertising. It seems that boycotting FB has become increasingly A matter of political correctness. If all companies stopped doing precise positioning, but FB used data to provide users with information cocoon rooms, it would be morally disqualified to be accused of controlling public opinion.In the long run, advertising may not be so easy to go.

Recently, in Southeast Asia, such as Thailand, the CPI cost of RPG games is very high, probably at an average of $5 and continues to grow. The United States and other regions are also averaging $23, Hong Kong and Taiwan’s RPGs are also very high, about an average of $12. Affected by IOS14 IDFA? Most game advertisers began to focus on advertising.

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