NEW ANALYTICS REPORT: The Average Advertising Cost On Facebook In Q1

Facebook is a very great social platform, currently has about 2 billion users worldwide, accounting for about one-third of the world’s population. Because the user base covers the whole world, many companies choose to advertise on Facebook, and some of these great products have been continuously advertised on Facebook, such as the famous mobile game: Candy Crush Saga.

However, not all products can be successful by advertising on Facebook. For small and medium-sized advertisers, the original advertising budget is not enough. If the average advertising cost on Facebook is not clear during the advertising process, it is like In the dark sea without the guidance of the lighthouse, the following list is some basic statistical analysis of Facebook advertising costs.

Statistical graph of the average cost analysis of Facebook in Q1 in 2020:

If you still feel that this is not clear enough, you can refer to different advertising publishers on Facebook to analyze:




When advertising with Facebook, based on the advertising budget, we will refer to some basic bidding type indicators. For example, you will refer to these indicators, such as average cost per click (CPC), cost per thousand impressions (CPM), and conversion performance Average cost (CPA).

There are several bidding options on Facebook:

  1. Cost-per-click (CPC): You only pay for an ad when someone clicks on the ad.
  2. Cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM): You only need to pay for ads when 1,000 people see them.
  3. Single Click Bidding (CPL): You only need to pay for advertising when someone likes your company’s web page.
  4. Cost per operation (CPA): You only need to pay for ads when someone converts.

In the following content, I will focus on the three bidding options CPC, CPM, and CPA for you to do a comprehensive analysis, these three bidding methods are also our most concerned.

The average cost per click (CPC) on Facebook

Many advertisers choose the CPC bidding model in order to obtain the best advertising effect because it can help you achieve the best advertising effect. No matter whether your ultimate conversion goal is to let users generate purchases or install, CPC is what we often use. A way of bidding.

1.Average CPC in different regions

The average cost of advertising varies from region to region. Because of factors such as local economic level and consumption level, let us look directly at the three very representative countries of the United States, India, and the United Kingdom. Take a look at the average cost (Average CPC):

The highest average advertising cost in the US: 2.24 $

The highest average advertising cost in India: 0.11 $

The highest average advertising cost in the UK: 1.12 $

The data in the figure below is the average CPC cost change trend in the UK. From the change trend chart, it can be seen that the average CPC in the UK is in a downward trend. If you choose to put the UK region on Facebook, and your budget is not enough. Then you may consider bidding when the average cost is low.

average CPC

2.Average CPC of different genders

The gender of the audience will also affect the average CPC because the styles and products of different gender preferences will be different. Before launching on Facebook, under the circumstances of knowing your audience, combined with Facebook’s advertising audience options, select an accurate audience Groups can increase the value of advertising. Look at the impact of audiences on Facebook on average CPC:

Average CPC of male users on Facebook: 0.2 $

Average CPC of female users on Facebook: 0.37 $

It can be seen from the statistics that female users on Facebook have higher average advertising costs than male users. If your product has mostly female attributes, you may need to prepare more advertising budgets.
average CPC

3.Average CPC of different ages

The average CPC will also be affected by different ages. For young people, there is a strong curiosity about everything, but for older Facebook users, they may be more cautious and do n’t like advertising. Clicks on will also be relatively reduced. The following are the impacts of different age groups around the world on the average CPC:
average CPC

It can be seen from the bar graph that the older the age, the higher the average CPC cost. Among them, the average CPC cost of Facebook users between 55 and 64 years old reaches 0.42 $.

The average cost per thousand people on Facebook (CPM)

The cost per thousand people is a unit of cost for delivering advertisements to 1,000 people, and it is a measure of the actual utility of the cost of advertising input. The core element of the main concern is the exposure of the product. The higher the exposure, the greater the cost, which can bring a great effect on the product brand promotion.

1.Average CPM in different regions

Corresponding to different regions, the impact on CPM is relatively large. Take a look directly at the average CPM of the three regions of Canada, Brazil, and Germany:

When Brazil has the highest average CPM: 1.91 $

When the average CPM in Germany is the highest: 11.39 $

When Canada’s average CPM is the highest: 14.49 $

As shown in the figure below, the average CPM in Canada is showing a downward trend, and it may also be affected by the global epidemic virus. If you choose to advertise in Canada, it is recommended to choose a bid when the CPM is low, which can save your Budget, specific circumstances need to understand the changes in the market.
average CPM

2.Average CPM by gender

In global Facebook users, gender has a slightly smaller impact on CPM than CPC. In global Facebook, the average CPM of male users reaches 2.24 $, while the average CPM of female users reaches 3.96 $. In comparison, the advertising of female users The cost is higher, it is recommended to target your user’s gender characteristics during the delivery process before deciding on your advertising plan.
average CPM

3.Average CPM of different ages

Similarly, age also has an impact on CPM. Let ’s look directly at the effect of age on average CPM:
average CPM

It can be seen that the average CPM of Facebook users aged 13 to 17 is the lowest: 0.09 $, and the average CPM of Facebook users over 65 is the highest: 7.84 $, it can be concluded that the older the age, the corresponding The average CPM cost will also be higher. It is recommended that when advertising is launched, users who meet their own products are selected to make full use of the advertising budget to increase the value of advertising.

Average cost per thousand impressions (CPA) on Facebook

CPA (Cost Per Action) pricing method refers to the actual effect of ad serving, that is, billing based on the effective questionnaire or order in response, without limiting the amount of ad serving. It is an efficient bidding method that can make the most of the advertising budget and can maximize the conversion target users.

1.Average CPA in different regions

Since the payment is based on the final effect, the CPA in each region will also be different. Let’s directly look at the differences in the average CPA in the three regions of the United States, Malaysia, and the United Kingdom:

When the average CPA in the United States is the highest: 0.21 $

When the average CPA in Malaysia is the highest: 0.05 $

When the UK has the highest average CPA: 0.09 $
average CPA

As shown in the figure below, it is the average CPA change curve in the United Kingdom. It can be seen that the average CPA basically remains unchanged. During the period from April 27, 2020, to May 11, 2020, there was an upward trend that reached the highest, followed by Slowly declining.

2.The average CPA of different genders

Gender also has a profound impact on CPA. Under the None-Gaming Apps category, the graph of the effect of gender on CPA can be seen from the figure. The average CPA for women is up to 0.05 $, and the maximum for male users is 0.02 $. When you are launching products of None-Gaming Apps, we recommend that you choose a time when the bid is stable.
average CPA

3.The average CPA of different ages

The following picture shows the average CPA of Facebook products in Gaming Apps category. Affected by age, the average CPA of users between the ages of 18 and 24 reaches 0.57 $. Among them, female users are more expensive than male users. The average CPA of users of other ages is basically the same. If your user group is young, it is recommended that you prepare a sufficient advertising budget before launching.
average CPA


The above is the analysis of the average advertising cost on Facebook. It summarizes the impact of different regions, different genders, and different ages on the average CPC, average CPM, and average CPA. I hope this ad cost analysis can help you!