How to use CPA data to make a cost less AD?

Unconsciously, half of it has passed in 2020. Under the influence of global COVID-19, the real economy has become downturn, but is it another opportunity for the Internet? During this period, do you worry products has no consumers? At this time, you need more advertisements to recommend your products. AdCosly is a good tool to help you understand the ad cost analysis ,and help you to make a cost less ad.It contains CPC,CTR,CPM,CPA,AUDIENCE and CAMPAIGNS analysis。

what is CPA?

In this article,We will explain it to you carefully.

The professional point of view is: CPA (Cost Per Action) is an advertising billing model. As the name suggests, it’s based on behavior as an indicator. This behavior can be registration, consulting, downloading, putting in shopping cart, etc.

Why choose CPA?

The biggest advantage of cpa promotion lies in the maximum use of promotion funds. This is determined by the nature of cpa promotion. CPA promotion is billed according to the actual effect of promotion, which guarantees the promotion effect of the product to a large extent. For example, the effective data of cpa live dating products is determined by registration activation, active retention, and the data as a whole reaches this standard, and the advertiser will determine the effective data and return the settlement commission. This promotion method has largely avoided Waste of promotion costs.

How to find more reliable CPA data?

Do you feel it difficult to find a reliable CPA analysis about Facebook ad cost?We can help you to get the data easier.AdCostly offers you with multi-dimensional data,such as CPA recent trend,gender,age,geographical insight.

From this picture we can see the highest CPA is $ 1.23(Install),the lowest CPA data is $ 0.16(Activate),this is the overall change trend of CPA in the Facebook advertising industry. The data comes from ADCostly.


  • Analyze Facebook Ads cost about CPA easier.
  • Multi-angle analysis of CPA.
  • Save ad costs.

Analyze Facebook Ad cost about CPA easier.

When you want to advertise on Facebook, do you know how to do it? What is your budget? If you want to recommend an app, what kind of advertising influence do you want to achieve, Adcostly will help you quickly get the average CPA of Facebook Ads in the region/industry you want to know.You can filter from these aspects:

When you come to this page at first time,you can select a publisher and category you want to know,you also can select ad type and its action,such as Gaming Apps–Action–Install,then you will see the data details.

We include these actions: Activate,Install,Level,Registration,Purchase,Checkout,Product view,Achievement,Add to cart,Conversion(offsite),Lead,Coversion,Retention,Roas,Messaging reply.

Multi-angle analysis of CPA.

When you want to place ads accurately, would you want to know how much it costs among girls of a certain age to install this app?We can give you a professional suggestion,We have partnered with ad automation platforms and helped advertisers, marketers, and agencies to monitor real-time advertising campaigns spend key metrics trends.Whether it is CPC, CTR, CTA or CPM, ADCostly supports cost analysis of different types of audiences, especially for Facebook audience insights.

After you select choice,you can see the female avg CPA is $ 0,19,the male avg CPA data is $ 0.06,the highest CPA is $ 0.84 (female),the lowest CPA data is $ 0.35(male),and also see the changing trends.

If you want to recommend a game advertisement for young people,this part will help you a lot.You can clearly see the cpa of all ages, which can help you have a rough mark on the advertising budget.

From this map,you can see CPA top 10 contries .

Save ad costs

Product promotion is carried out in order to achieve good publicity and promotion effects. CPA promotion method is undoubtedly a correct choice. This promotion method can achieve promotion effects and promote CPA promotion channel promotion technology while saving promotion budget Continuous progress, promote the development of CPA promotion industry.Help you make a wise decision.

You can use these data to estimate the Ads ROI,let you know more clearly about the effect of advertising so that you can put more budget on higher-profit Ads,also measure the value of your investment is not worth it, how much value can be given to you .


Keeping an eye on CPA changes can help you manage the distribution of your advertising budget and allocate the budget to places with better effects. At the same time, we should also pay attention to the CPC, CPM, audience, campaigns of advertising. Multi-angle analysis can help us faster Of learning.AdCostly also hope to be your best advertising cost analysis tool to maximize your profit。

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