2020 Q2 Facebook Ad Benchmarks For Your Category

Facebook is one of the fastest growing advertising networks. In fact, in the past few years, Facebook has become the largest advertising platform.Facebook ads and Google ads are currently the two major goals of advertising, and both have their own advantages. If your product needs to be more in line with users’ lives, Facebook is a better choice. In the past two years, if you are also one of the 2 million advertisers in Facebook, you will find that Facebook’s advertising budget is not low. In order to achieve better conversions, you need to spend more time and energy.

Categorize the user behavior generated by Facebook into a data chart, and you will get the maximum benefit. Facebook has countless ad targeting options to explore, and each customer’s needs are different. Just like on Google AdWords, the effect of different industries on Facebook may be different, so how many people should you beat in your industry and category?

We dug into the data and found the answer! Check out the Facebook advertising benchmarks our customers have seen, including:

  • Facebook average cost-per-click (CPC) by category
  • Facebook’s average cost per mille(CPM) by category
  • Facebook average click-through rate (CTR) by category
  • Facebook average cost per action (CPA) by category

These data include the average of 40 categories found on Facebook indicators: Casino, Entertainment, Role Playing, Card, Action, Puzzle, Simulation, Arcade, Casual, Strategy, Board, Social Networking, Adventure, Sports, Word, Education, Family , Utilities, Game, Food & Drink, Social, Photo & Video, Books, Productivity, Finance, Books And Reference, Shopping, Lifestyle, Video Players, Comics, Tools, Personalization and Business. Let's take a look!

Average Cost Per Click (CPC) on Facebook

What's a good cost per click for Facebook ads?

In Q2 of 2020, the top three categories with the highest cost-per-click on Facebook are Role Playing Games, Adventure Games and Dating. The highest per click is $1.47. From the overall data distribution, the higher CPC in Facebook is the game-related classification. For categories not related to games, CPC is relatively low.

In Q2 of 2020, the cheapest clicks on Facebook are Photography ($0.01 per click), Personalization ($0.02 per click) and News And Magazines ($0.02 per click). The click prices of these three categories are all below $0.05. So even in such low cost-per-click situations, it’s important to understand how to manage your budget so that your Facebook costs can function properly.

Average Cost Per Mille (CPM) on Facebook

What's a good cost per mille for Facebook ads?

In Q2 of 2020, the top three categories with the highest cost per mille in Facebook are still Role Playing Games, Adventure Games and Dating. The highest per mille is $9.94. From the overall data distribution, Facebook's CPM data is not much different from CPC, and the trends of the two are consistent. Game-related categories still occupy higher prices.

In Q2 of 2020, the cheapest cost per mille on Facebook are Photography ($0.14 per mille), News ($0.26 per mille), and Personalization ($0.28 per mille). The click prices of these three categories are all under $0.5.

Average Click-Through Rate on Facebook

What's a good click-through rate on Facebook ads?

Legitimate advertisers may struggle to get a lower click-through rate, but they are lucky to get the highest click-through rate (1.5%) on Facebook. There is no doubt that in addition to advertising click-through rate related to advertising content, more importantly user positioning.

The advertising categories with higher click-through rates are News And Magazines (2.53%), comics (2.24%), Personalization (1.72%) and Casual (1.59%). Not surprisingly, these classified ads often use models and high-quality images in their ads, and these ads work particularly well on highly visual platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

You will find that CTR is completely different from CPC and CPM trends, or just the opposite. The CTR is higher in the non-game-related categories, and the click-through rate of the game-related categories is relatively low. This is a very interesting phenomenon.

Average Cost Per Action on Facebook

What's a good CPA on Facebook?

In Q2 of 2020, the average cost per conversion is $5.31. Almost all advertisers believe that catering to the relatively young audiences of Facebook and Instagram is a wise decision. Dating became the category with the highest CPA in Q2, with a value of $12.94, which is already twice the average CPA. The category with the second highest CPA is Social Networking, with a value of $10.37.

It is very surprising that the value of CPA can reach such high. There is no big difference in the overall CPA data. Whether it is game-related categories or non-game categories, the CPA values ​​are different. Specific data also needs to be located in a detailed classification.

Data Source

This report is based on the ADCostly sample of all verticals that advertised on Facebook from January to June 2020 (The report only represents the data range captured by ADCostly). Facebook advertising CPA contains a lot of data, here is the situation of Instill. For more CPA data, please check the CPA page. At the same time, please go to ADCostly for more data details.

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