Facebook Average CPM By Category | 2020 Annual Report

On January 27, 2021, Facebook released its 2020 annual financial report. Advertising revenue was $84,169 million, an increase of 21% compared to last year’s $69,655 million. Advertising revenue is getting higher and higher, and Facebook’s chief financial officer said: In the first half of 2021, we will usher in a period of growth, which is negatively affected by the decline in advertising demand at the beginning of the pandemic. Therefore, we expect that the year-on-year growth rate of total revenue in the first and second quarters of 2021 will remain stable or moderately accelerated, and the second half of the year will be a period of strong continuous growth.

The continuous increase in advertising revenue indicates that the advertising industry has become more difficult, whether it is advertising costs or advertising benefits will become more competitive. In response to the pressure of advertising, ADCostly classified and aggregated Facebook’s average CPM by industry category, and compiled it into the following report to help advertisers tide over the difficulties.

1. Facebook Average CPM By Category

The average CPM cost of different categories of Facebook is about $3.67. Among them, the non-gaming type Facebook advertising CPM is generally low, and the gaming type occupies a higher CPM. The average CPM of “Shopping” and “social” is less than $1. They are the two lowest CPM in all industries. Adventure, simulation, and role-playing games are the top 3 of Facebook advertising CPM, and the cost is close to $10. The fourth place is B2B advertising, with a CPM cost of about $7.54.

2. Instagram Average CPM By Category

There is a large gap between Instagram’s CPM costs for different categories. Overall, the gaming category’s advertising CPM is still high, but it is worth noting that the CPM of most industries has a tendency to decrease compared to Facebook. Casino games have become the category with the highest CPM of all categories, and far exceed the second place. Consistent with Facebook, the CPM of adventure, simulation, and role-playing games is also at a high benchmark. The CPM of non-gaming industries is relatively average, mostly at around $2.7.

3. Audience Network Average CPM By Category

Audience Network presents a very obvious two-level phenomenon in the CPM of the game industry and non-gaming industry. Compared with Instagram and Facebook, the CPM of the gaming industry has improved significantly. The CPM cost of casino, simulation and adventure games are about to reach $20. The average CPM of finance and shopping also shows lower data. For specific CPM fees of other industry categories, please refer to the picture.

4. Messenger Average CPM By Category

Messenger’s CPM is the lowest CPM cost of all publishers. The difference between game and non-game CPM is not big, but it is worth noting that the highest CPM is only $1.48, which is very low compared to other publishers, financial and commercial CPM CPM is in a higher position in Messenger. If you want to run CPM ads and don’t have enough funding, choosing Messenger is a good way.


The CPMs of the four publishers under Facebook, Facebook and Audience Network are generally high. In contrast, the CPM of Instagram and Messenger is lower, and Messenger is in the lowest position. If you want to place CPM ads and save advertising money, Messenger will be a very good choice.

In addition, from an industry perspective, if you are an advertiser in the gaming industry, putting on Facebook, Audience Network, and Instagram will waste a lot of money, especially Audience Network, where the game CPM is the highest, and the more reasonable channel is Messenger. If you are an advertiser in a non-gaming industry, you can make a reasonable analysis based on the above data. Overall, Audience Network and Messenger will be good choices. In addition, Instagram and Facebook will have less competitive pressure compared to gaming advertising.

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