Latest Facebook Ad Benchmarks For Different Publishers In 2020

Facebook has become the largest social media advertising platform in recent years, but the cost of advertising on Facebook is relatively high. At the same time, the pressure of competition is also high. How to stand out from so many ads requires more skills.

However, the Facebook platform provides other social media publishers, we can place ads on Instagram, Facebook Network, and Messenger. Compared with Facebook, other publishers also have their own advantages.

Customers want to see the advertising costs of each publisher, but these data are not very easy to obtain. ADCostly compiled the average CPC, CPM, CTR and CPA for users in 2020. These data will reach a new advertising benchmark for you.

Facebook CPC & CPM Of Different Publishers

In Q1 of 2020, the CPC ranked first is Instagram, and the second is Audience Network. CPM is ranked first by Audience Network, and ranked second by Facebook. Are you surprised to see this data? Yes, Instagram’s CPC is higher than Facebook’s, but its CPM is lower than Facebook’s. In fact, from an overall point of view, there is not much difference in the cost of Facebook and Instagram.

Audience Network also competes with Facebook and Instagram with higher fees. But Messenger is different. Messenger is at a lower price whether it is CPC or CPM. If you do not have a large amount of financial support for advertisers, you can consider this approach.

In Q2 of 2020, the overall trend has not changed, but the cost has certain changes. The first place of CPC is still Instagram, but its price has risen again, directly reaching $0.36. CPC's second place has become Facebook, and its expenses have also increased. Audience Network data dropped drastically, becoming half of the original cost.

In terms of CPM, Audience Network is still in the first place, and Facebook ranks second. The ranking of the publishers has not changed, but their CPM has risen to a certain extent.

The Average Facebook CTR Of Different Publishers

In Q1, Audience Network occupies the first place in CTR, and Facebook is 0.02% behind it. But the overall gap will not be large. The CTR of Instagram and Messenger are almost the same.

In Q2, Audience Network is still ranked first, but CTR has been greatly improved, from 1.42% to 3.70%. Facebook's data has not changed. Messenger's CTR is lower than Q1.

Facebook Average CPA For Different Publishers

In Q1, Facebook and Audience Network ranked first and second in CPA, with $4.04 and $3.78 respectively. This is much higher than Instagram and Messenger.

In Q2, the CPA ranking has not changed, but the CPA of all publishers has increased. Facebook's CPA directly reached $5.31, which is the current highest CPA. Messenger is still ranked last. In Q2, CPA also has a certain increase compared to Q1, but it is still in the lowest ranking.


Facebook and Instagram have relatively stable CPC, CPM, and CTR. This kind of stable platform is more suitable for large companies. Audience Network is a high-paying and high-return platform. CPC and CPM are both ranked first among the four. If you want to get conversions quickly, you might as well give it a try on this platform. Messenger is suitable for companies that do not have much financial support, and low returns will be obtained with low capital expenditures.

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